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Press Release - June 4, 2019

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Joshua Watmough, of English Rose LLC, is joining forces with SmiteWorks USA LLC to produce exclusive RPG cartography and artwork for the Fantasy Grounds platform. Artwork will cover a wide range of genres and will consist of maps, terrain, image brushes and tokens that empower GameMasters (GMs) to realize their own artistic visions in a fun and immersive way.

"It was very early in my youth when I discovered the magic of tabletop RPGs. I was captivated by the game's ability to submerge you into other worlds," said Joshua Watmough of English Rose LLC. " SmiteWorks has improved on that experience exponentially with the creation of Fantasy Grounds. I am ecstatic and honored to have the opportunity to help realize an already outstanding product's visual potential."

"Joshua has a unique art style that we love and we are very excited to add another talented individual to our team. The recent success on our Kickstarter Campaign has given us the ability to grow into areas that will significantly enhance the experience for Fantasy Grounds users." states Doug Davison, President of SmiteWorks

About English Rose LLC
English Rose LLC was formed having the primary goal of producing a cohesive line of art based products and packages intended for use in tabletop role playing games (both physical & virtual) that are affordable, easy to use and give the freedom to create images without the need of artistic skills. In doing so they aim to maintain a visual quality across many aspects of image creation with hand crafted assets for a much more illustrative and amalgamated feel.

About SmiteWorks USA LLC
SmiteWorks is best known for building the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop software. The software is used worldwide by more than 140,000 users to play roleplaying games remotely or to help manage campaigns as they meet regularly face-to-face around a table.

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  1. DrakePD's Avatar
    I really like Joshua's art, so this is a great thing!

  2. osarusan's Avatar
    Awesome! So I'm guessing having a full time artist means that there will be a lot more art included with the base program? That will make it a lot more competitive, and help establish a default "look" for FG. This is great news!
  3. GavinRuneblade's Avatar
    I am thrilled. My wallet is curled up in the corner weeping.
  4. FG_Dave's Avatar
    Welcome to the team Joshua!
  5. jwatmough's Avatar
    Thank you so much! I am so very excited to be working with such a great team.

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