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Preaching to the Chior

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Somehow I feel this is like that scene from the film "Dave." A look a like has taken the place of the President of the United States. He is trying to cut the budget to save a program for homeless shelters. He cuts a program that is meant to make people feel better about a previous auto purchase.

I mean if any of you are reading this you have already made your decision. You have wisely chosen Fantasy Grounds. The Roll 20/FG debate reminds me of the Chevy/Ford arguments over which is the best car. We've all had the same argument. And I have ... I know ... a different perspective than some. I was a past playing DM who was looking to reconnect with old friends. Fantasy Grounds offered what I was looking for. It gave me access to the ruleset and WOTC content, an operating system that didn't need to be tweaked, and room for more players at my table than Roll 20 offered. I was not looking to do the pick up jump. Fantasy allows me to do what I want to do.

Still it riles me when I hear that old acorn about how Roll 20 is FRREEEEEE!!!! Well maybe for the player ... they don't worry about the DM ... nor do I even suspect, think about the cost of DMing. Also I have two players who participate on a regular basis that have never gone beyond the Demo account. Since I keep their characters on my account, everything works out fine. Well, Talk 20 has put up a very fair video that compares the two systems pricewise. He is pretty thorough.


However there is one point he dismisses. He readily admits that he has invested 2,000 hours making adjustments to his Roll 20. He sets it aside by saying he enjoyed figuring things out. I too, take pride in figuring things out. But putting in the Players Handbook??? No thanks ... I don't know about you ... I'd rather be spending that time playing. And one last thought on this point ... If you took minimum wage at $8.50 US, that 2,000 hours would cost $16,200.

That hardly makes it free ... does it ... even if the player didn't play for it. Somebody did.

Thank you Talk 20 for your fair comparison and for all your videos that contribute to both communities.

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  1. JohnD's Avatar
    I'd rather be gaming than fiddling trying to get something to work. FG all the way.
  2. mhorgunn's Avatar
  3. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Ahmen! *sings the choir*

    I think that video does a good job laying out the costs. But agree that he misses a few things on cost and a lot of other things in a comparison.

    The savvy consumer knows that nothing is free. Unfortunately our school system does not do a good job educating the populace on that. And people see "free" and think it really is. But, we all know its not. And in those few cases when it really is free to the consumer (i.e. you're not giving up personal information etc), it's not sustainable as a business model. The developers and providers deserve to get paid, and someone has to pay them.
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