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How To - create a Healer's Kit

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Entry to show how one might go about creating items / feats / traits within the Character Sheet's Action Tab; to allow a player to track the usage of certain things that have effects. In this particular case a Healer's Kit can be used 10 times to stabilise another player (not self) that has been knocked unconscious and is not dead yet (i.e. player is rolling their death saves).

Within the screenshots below the red boxed objects are where you need to focus to create this item within the Actions Tab.
Attachment 18014

  1. Click the Edit List icon
  2. Click the Add Power icon
  3. Need to type 2 things in the 2 circled textboxes :
    1. New Spell or Ability textbox type "Healer's Kit"
    2. In the other unnamed textbox type "Items" - this will change the name of the group from Powers to Items

  4. Click the Edit List icon a 2nd time to exit from the edit mode
  5. nothing to do in this screenshot ... just note that we are now out of the edit mode
  6. Click the Mode textbox and change the selection from Standard to Preparation
  7. Click and select the 0 then type 10; then click Daily until this textbox shows the Once option
    1. 10 means that we'll have 10 usages before the item expires and we need to purchase a new kit
    2. Daily / Rest / Once are related to frequency of renewals
      1. Daily means renew this power / trait / feat / item after a long rest (none of which are applicable to a Healer's Kit)
      2. Rest means renew this power / trait / feat / item after a short rest (none of which are applicable to a Healer's Kit)
      3. Once means this power / trait / feat / item will never renew and only has X usages as typed in step 7 above

  8. Click the Mode textbox until it changes from Preparation to Combat then click the Display textbox until it changes from Group to Actions, then mouse over the Healer's Kit and right-click to open the radial menu and select Add Action
  9. The radial menu selections have changed, now click the Add Effect option
  10. A new effect will appear under the Healer's Kit and this needs to be configured so:
    1. Click the effect's magnifying glass icon to open the Spell / Ability Effect dialogue popup window
    2. Type Stable into the Description textbox
    3. Close the Spell / Ability Effect dialogue popup window by clicking the X in the upper right of the popup

  11. There is now an Effect icon that is tied to the Healer's Kit item, wherein this icon can be drag / dropped onto a Player's avatar in the CT
  12. Time to enter the PHB description for a Healer's Kit, so click the Shield icon and a new dialogue popup will open that needs to be populated as indicated in this screenshot
  13. Finalise the PHB descriptions by clicking the Padlock icon and we are DONE!

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  1. mhorgunn's Avatar
    Nicely done!!! Thank you!
  2. MarianDz's Avatar
    good work " [B][I]skj310[/I][/B]" we are waiting for next :p
  3. cmilesjr's Avatar
    Awesome Great!!
  4. Shireling's Avatar
    So question: If the player has the Healer Feat then the healer's kit does a few other things... Stable becomes 1 HP (easy - instead of effect you do heal and you use 1 HP) but then there is the action of "Tend To" which is a more difficult effect to code that I need help with:

    I tried multiple versions of HEAL: 1d6+4+[LVL] or even as simple as HEAL: 1d6 and nothing ever gets rolled like when I have an effect that rolls DMG. How do you use the healing modifier under Effects?
  5. skj310's Avatar
    I completely forgot about the 1d6+4+HD of creature .... oof! So in other words that kit i made for the condition you outline above is NOT what I have but now I need to ponder on this. Using [LVL] will mean using your characters level not your targets and as of this writing I don't know if THERE IS a way to use a target's HD, so in the end all I can say is thx for that catch!
  6. Diamond Geezer's Avatar
    I just created a heal effect with 1D6+4 and a 2nd line of the number of HD. So I created an effect for +1, +2, +3, HD, etc.

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