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How to create - Item "poisoned dagger"

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[SIZE=3][I]"DM's corner or something for better imagination how to make [COLOR="#008000"]"poisoned dagger"[/COLOR] in FG".[/I][/SIZE]


Maybe could be useful for somebody, especially if you are learning how to use this [B][I]"Great software"[/I][/B].

Next part will be interesting
Stay tuned


[B][U]Hint:[/U][/B] you can zoom in when you open picture on PC/Notebooks/Android devices, then again clicks on picture.
It opens for you picture inside web page and now you can zoom in/out by your prefered size for better reading.
Go back from view mode through Backspace key, or back arrow upper left side of your web browser beside web url adresses.

1.) Click on picture
2.) Click again on the same picture which appears on your screen
3.) After second click it oppens you picture in web browser only [I](without java scripts which reduce size of picture)[/I]
4.) Click again on picture IN Firefox only one time needed, but IE needs clicks TWO times because only second one zoomed in on 100% size of file [I](small magnify glass appears)[/I].
5.) hope now you can see it at [B]1:1[/B] and can read it without problems.[B][/B]

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