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Storm King's Thunder - Repercussions

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Title - Repercussions
Location: Bryn Shander

Session Summary

The party made it the rest of the way to Bryn Shander where discovered that the name "Icewind Dale" was very appropriate. We road in on the horses of the dead Seven Snakes assassins and were greeted pleasantly by the local Deputy, a young female Dwarf who kept winking away at Travok. We expressed that we had a personal message for the Sheriff and that we would like to procure lodging and some warm food. She agreed to pass along the message and encouraged us to visit Kelvin's Comfort.

Along the way, we stabled our horses just inside the gate. The stable master commented on how fine the horses were and Gilden seized on this to explain how these horses were the first in a series of fine horses we were hoping to bring up north for sale from our horse farm business just North of Daggerford. He signed some paperwork and pressed his signet ring verifying his name as Elnan Yabiz. Gilden's hope was to leave evidence of these horses up far North away from anyone who might otherwise recognize the markings and the affiliation with the Seven Snakes. The stablemaster seemed very interested in helping us secure buyers for an ongoing relationship.

Along the way to the tavern we picked up some Yeti fur cloaks that should keep us warm. Unfortunately, they had a "Made in Waterdeep" tag, so the authenticity of the Yeti fur is in doubt.

At Kelvin's Comfort, we met with the Sheriff and passed along news of the death of his sister. He replied with no sorrow at all and some colorful descriptions of what he thought of his sister while she lived. Regardless, he thanked us for the news and promised to send someone down to Nightstone to settle the affairs and deal with the estate. Kerlioa piped up that there was also a reward for the information and the Sheriff seemed surprised by this but agreed to pull something together for our efforts. We had indeed traveled a very long distance. Our room and board were covered by the Sheriff.

While enjoying the warmth of the food and fire, and discussing whether or not we should try the Pickled Hydra Eggs (which were not eggs at all), a stranger bumped into Atticus and planted a note in his pocket. It proposed a deal of great value and requested that he meet him across town at a little used building. Atticus suggested we rest for the evening and visit the building in the daylight, after a hearty breakfast.

The meeting place was in a seedy part of town and Gilden entered first, after strapping his shield on to his arm.

Inside, there were 3 rough looking characters seated at a table and three rough looking characters behind the bar and at the stairs. Gilden recognized the insignia as being one of the Zhentarim faction based out of Daggerford. Gilden, Atticus and Kerlieo took a seat, facing the Zhents to see what they wanted to discuss, but knowing that this would probably not end well. Travok refused to sit and stood nearby Gilden.

The leader introduced himself as Allek and pointed to a chest full of 5 thousand gold coins. He introduced himself as a member of a band called the Seven Snakes and explained how his band had investigated the death of his comrades, including his sister Kella within the city of Nightstone. The 5 thousand gold was an offer that he brought to Atticus and the rest of the party if they would be willing to turn over the traitor Gilden, who they announced was also a member of the Zhentarim.

Gilden mentioned the incompetence of the B-team that had been sent to Nightstone and how they were unfit to represent the Zhentarim. Travok said we'd be keeping the gold but wouldn't be giving up Gilden. A battle quickly ensued and Kerlioa was shot in the back with 3 crossbow bolts while he sat stunned by the sight of so much wealth in one place (an effect of the curse of greed he acquired some time ago.) Travok interjected himself between Allek and Gilden and they fought side by side against some fairly tough enemies - Allek, a veteran, a cuthroat and three bandits. Kerlioa snapped out of it and brought down a stinking cloud over the bandits, cutthroat and veteran. Atticus dropped a sleep spell over the bandits, bringing two of them into a deep slumber.

The cutthroat made it through the cloud to attack Atticus - who we discovered has an aversion to armor of any sort. Gilden disengaged from the battle on the left to aid Atticus and Kerlioa and Travok held Allek's attention for a while. Eventually, Allek disengaged and lept across to attack Gilden, stabbing him and injecting him with poison that dropped him before stabbing him again on the ground, calling him a traitor.

Atticus dropped another sleep spell over Allek, dropping him to unconsciousness. Travok, meanwhile, rushed over to pour a healing potion down Gilden's throat. He jumped back to his feat and cut down the cutthroat that was threatening Atticus. The party finished off the veteran and then Travok and Gilden finished off Allek before he could wake up.

The rest of the bandits were awakened and Gilden explained that their lives were to be spared if they would relay a message back to the Zhentarim. The message was that Allek and Kella were failed leaders and they had been culled from the Zhentarim as part of an inner faction squabble that had nothing to do with the rest of the Zhentarim. They were to relay that Gilden was alive and well and still a loyal member of the Zhent. He explained that Kella had failed to properly announce her allegience to the Zhent to Gilden and had instead attacked and threatened his comrades. We left them with 50 gold and they vowed to return to Daggerford to relay the message.

It is unknown whether or not this would be the end of trouble or if this spelled the end of Gilden's advancement within the Zhentarim. Gilden plans to discuss this with Sylvia and Graven when they complete their scouting mission around Bryn Shander.

The party looted the bodies and found another bag of holding and a fancy ring. The bag of holding seemed to be empty and didn't reveal anything when turned inside out. Regardless, they quickly placed the 5K gold chest into the bag of holding so that it would be out of sight while they rested. Atticus and Kerlioa spent the rest healing the party and experimented with the new items to discover their full magical properties. The ring was one of invisibility and we left that to Atticus. The bag, to our horror, was actually a bag of devouring. We tried to quickly retrieve the gold coins before they were devoured, but the extraplanar beast inside had already consumed half the gold!!

In our disgust, we threw the bodies of Allek and his comrades into the bag and watched them become devoured into nothingness. Kerlioa took the bag for use later on.

Fully rested, we made our way back to Kelvin's Comfort, our new Yeti Cloaks stained with a red that was quickly drying into a deep brown.

A commotion at the town center and at the gates drew our attention and a guardsmen ran up to us to seek our aid. Frost Giants, it seemed were preparing to raid the town. Sylvia and Graven could be seen just now making it inside the gates as they were shut and barred.

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  1. LindseyFan's Avatar
    I love reading well written narrations of what happened to a group!
  2. ddavison's Avatar
    Thanks. I might try to do this after each session and then add the link to the youtube vids once it is uploaded as well.

    I don't plan to spend a whole lot of thought on them, so the editing might show some issues from time to time.
  3. LindseyFan's Avatar
    That would be good! I usually game during your stream, so I always miss it.
  4. ddavison's Avatar
    Video stream posted. Warning -- may be NSFW, contain adult childish behavior or language and may feature guests drinking alcoholic beverages.
  5. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Nice, this was my favorite part;
    "Made in Waterdeep" tag, so the authenticity of the Yeti fur is in doubt.
    I appreciate the write-ups as well, keep it going

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