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Gems! by Agmar

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First Impressions: 3 Stars, 29/50 Points
This is a fun little module that shows the potential towards becoming the ultimate gem tool for DMís; but, itís only about two-thirds of the way there right now. It has a large list of various gems with multiple size categories and some random gem and parcel generators. But, the documentation is basic, the generators are of limited use, and some really useful generators are absent. Itís a good start and I hope Agmar keeps on improving upon it as I would like to see it fully developed.

Quality: 12/15 Points
This module is easy to use and intuitive. Unfortunately, the single story entry which provide use directions is more like a developerís log than a userís guide. It provides interesting insight into Agmarís thoughts creating the module and links to the useful tools, but isnít organized the way a user might prefer. Everything seems to work just like intended, all the random generators, links and such are valid and give no errors (though, with hundreds of items, itís impractical to test everyone). The other organizational complaint I have is with the group names used in the items list, ďTier 1Ē, ďTier 2Ē etc. have no explanation and without a name referencing the module (i.e. ďGems! Tier 1Ē) they may become confused when a GM has numerous other modules opened.
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Completeness: 5/10 Points
This module has some neat tables and some random parcel generators, but as I learned more about it, I came to first question what the weighting of the various values used in the random generators (the values seem to be somewhere between 1 and 5 million), and second that as a GM I would not be able to easily predict or limit the value of a generated parcel. For example, I could generate a parcel of 1d10 gems, but anyone of those gems could end up being worth thousands or millions of gold pieces. And unless you are really familiar with the gem names and values, a cursory look at the parcel would not tell you how much treasure you are about to reward.
I would love to see parcel generators like; ď1d10 gems up to 100gp value eachĒ, ď1d10 gems of 500gp valueĒ, or maybe ď1d4x100 GP in random gemsĒ. Something where as a GM I could predict or somewhat control the value of the reward/parcel that is created.
Another missing item that is almost out of scope, but would be really nice, is a handful of images of gems. Singly and in small piles or hoards. This would help a DM not just award some gems as part of a treasure, but to share a vision of what they party now has.

Creativity: 5/10 Points
This is not the only module of gems available for Fantasy Grounds, but it does more than any of the others Iíve seen and expands upon what is available in the Dungeon Masterís Guide. There are still a great many things that can be added to this module and it just seems to scratch the surface of the creativity that might emerge.

Value: 4/10 Points
A dollar is not a lot of money, and I donít recommend that RPG products usually are sold for less so I donít suggest buyers should hesitate to spend one, but itís a stretch if this is worth it. Just for what the module has today, I would have to say itís not a good value, but for encouraging the author to keep developing and enhancing this module, then yea, spend a whole dollar. The module is useful today and hopefully will grow to what it can become in the near future.

Versatility: 3/5 Points
Right now the list of gems is very usable and can be used both during play and adventure/campaign creation. The limitations or concerns around the random parcels though limit their usage to what will probably require heavy DM scrutiny.

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  1. anemeth's Avatar
    Awesome thank you for the insight. I will copy this over to a file so I can re-visit Gems! again when I have time from teaching to produce more. Love the ideas on cost of gems generators as well.
  2. MarianDz's Avatar
  3. anemeth's Avatar
    Did some updates this weekend while I had some time...enjoy and thanks for helping make this something we can all use!

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