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Rialacha Teach Mhorgunna

First CC3+

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So after reading the Armory Forum, I was tempted to take advantage on the Campaign Cartographer sale. Bought the 3 pack ( Campaign Catrographer, Dungeon Designer and City Designer) with 2 symbols collection (including the Dungeons of Schley.)Watched two sets of videos ... but I guess the best way to learn is by making mistakes.

I'm good at that.

Here is my 5th attempt to get something. Tried starting on caves as that is what I need for an upcoming adventure, but had trouble connecting them. So I just started playing around. If nothing else, it's very relaxing.

Attachment 17258

I guess it's back to the videos and forums. There always seems there is more to learn.

Hoping to get enough XP to level up.


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  1. LindseyFan's Avatar
    That looks like a very intimidating dungeon! Hope your players had a long rest before approaching all those traps and that scary shrine!
  2. mhorgunn's Avatar
    Thanks! The one trap with the open pit with the two "T"s is meant to be a set of pendulum hammers that as you do the easy 5' jump, the tripped hammers knock you into the pit.
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