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Free Virtual Map Collection by Assassin Games

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Free Virtual Map Collection by Assassin Games

First Impressions: 2 Stars, 25/50 Points

Well, who can complain about free maps? I guess I can. Though I like these maps and have no problem using them in my games, they could be so much better. They are all certainly usable, but none of them are artistically inspired, nor have they actually been optimized for VTT use.

Quality: 5/15 points
When it comes to VTT maps, image quality isnít everything. File size and resolution is actually more important. Most of these maps are relative large in file size (up to 28.7 MB) which certainly is nowhere near the recommended 1MB limit. Given that none of them have scale markers or grid alignment squares, itís hard to know if the resolution of the maps is appropriate, but I think so. But all of them are also pixelated, which isnít a problem in a VTT battle map, but given their large file size, certainly isnít justified.

Completeness: 2/10 points
As mentioned, none of these have grid alignment or scales on them. Even if the GM is free to scale them as desired, a scale should always be included to inform them as to the expected size (and therefore quality). And a grid alignment square should always be there. They are simple to add, and oh so helpful for a GM. Also, some of these files are not named usefully, and this is a shame, because when I go through my maps folder in a few months, how am I going to find that neat map with the nearly buried face of the stone giant/statue? Finally, since FG is the only VTT currently supported on the DMsGuild, these should be packaged up into a module so that they can be labelled and easily used in FG anytime they are needed.

Creativity: 4/10 points
Most of these are just standard encounter locations, nothing very original or creative; which is fine. The one I really do think is creative (the stone giant face) is the one titled 8774472827_e32be84e59_o_(1).jpg and Iím tempted to make an encounter just so I can use this map. All the others are ones that will sit in my map library until I need some map on the spur of the moment and hope to find something useful or close enough.

Value: 10/10 points
Sure, these are free and they are good enough to add to your collection. So, they are worth the time to download them and to keep them around in case you need one someday.

Versatility: 4/5 points
These are mostly so generic and simple that they can be used in tons of different themed games. Most are not limited to a single setting like fantasy, medieval or modern (though a few are) and are quite versatile.

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Updated January 4th, 2017 at 05:02 by LordEntrails

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