Dune 2d20 #2
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Story Recap from 11/26/16

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[QUOTE=Talen;303860]The Rippers continued their recruitment of [B]Sir William Bankes[/B] over a weekend dinner party at his Dorset estate in Kingston Lacy. The Rippers learned of Sir Williams’s discovery of an ancient Egyptian Obelisk at a [B]Temple of Isis in Philae Egypt[/B]. Solomon Grist’s surprising knowledge on the subject impressed their host and prompted Granver to engage in additional research on the subject at Sir Williams’s extensive library where he learned that the Temple of Isis was reputedly dedicated to the study of reincarnation rituals. Their second day was spent conversing with the guests with both [B]Enrico Gambucinni[/B] and [B]Jonathan Jellicoe[/B] showing great interest in the Rippers reasons for visiting the Bankes estate.

The weekend of thoughtful conversation, lavish meals, horseback riding through the country side estate and trick shooting demonstrations by Sallie Dalton was interrupted when Granver Stone discovered the body of police office Maxwell Puget in the room occupied by Italian art collector Enrico Gambuccini.

Originally believing Enrico responsible for the murder, all physical evidence pointed to Enrico being the murderer. However, relying on her psychic gift, Sallie was able to probe the mind of Enrico and conclude he was not the murderer and the evidence was merely an elaborate attempt to frame him for the murder. With this knowledge in hand, the Rippers started questioning the other guests and began to suspect the portly politician Jonathan Jellicoe committed the cold-blooded murder. Sallie again attempted to read this new suspects mind and was repulsed by the experience while coming away with the distinct impression he was responsible for the heinous act regardless of his careful political responses to her questioning.

While the Rippers investigation closed in on the Jellicoe as the murderer, a group of cultists broke into the mansion and headed to the second floor - either in search of something or as a diversion for what was occurring on the estate grounds. Saito dealt with the invaders in his traditional fashion – separating several invaders from their heads, while Clancy’s Colt pistols rang loudly through the mansion dropping the invaders. As the Rippers dealt with the cultists, a man named [B]Hakim Jaleel[/B] was busy strapping explosives to the Egyptian obelisk outside. After the Rippers stopped the invading cultists, in an effort to buy more time, Hakim summoned 2 shadow hounds to deal with the Rippers and provide a means for his escape.

The Rippers were initially stymied in their fight against the hounds, with the fearsome ethereal creatures immune to earthly attacks. It was only the magical bolts from Solomon Grist that ultimately defeated the hounds. Unfortunately, the true nature of Hakim’s activity in the hedge maze became apparent as a blinking light strapped to the base of the obelisk was observed during the battle, followed shortly after by a large explosion which destroyed the obelisk.[/QUOTE]

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