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Story Recap from 11/5/16

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[QUOTE=Talen;299340]Upon dispatching the vampires discovered last session, the Rippers returned to the London lodge to receive orders on how to proceed with the potentially catastrophic infestation. As luck would have it, the two most renowned surviving vampire hunters in the world had returned to London- [B]Mina and Jonathan Harker[/B]. Known throughout the Rippers for their heroism in defeating Dracula alongside [B]Johan Van Helsing[/B], Jonathan had returned from his work throughout Eastern Europe bringing down the remnants of Dracula's network of vampires. Mina Harker had returned to lead the London Lodge after several recruitment missions throughout London society.

Upon hearing the details of the party's discovery at the London Asylum, it was agreed the Rippers would explore the Asylum, attempt to locate the source of the infestation, and destroy the remaining vampire kind wherever they might find them. Investigation of the lower levels of the Asylum revealed a score of recently turned vampires strapped to hospital beds. While patrolling the asylum, the Rippers also dispatched a group of recently escaped, and fully formed Vampires. The ensuing battle created a loud disturbance which brought a team of armed orderlies to the tunnels.

Confronting the orderlies, the Rippers intimidated the employees and convinced the orderlies to take them to [B]Dr. Kobek[/B] to question him regarding their findings - some believing the doctor to be the source of the growing Vampire infestation. Questioning of Dr. Kobek revealed that his guilt lie only in the cover-up of the Vampire problem and that the infestation apparently resulted from an inmate that infected the others as the newly formed Vampires began to feed on the inmates. Kobek was opposed to both the slaughter of the inmates and bringing attention of the problem to the authorities - fearful for what such a scandal would do to his reputation and ability to continue his work. The Rippers were able to convince Dr. Kobek that the patients could not in fact be saved - but only after assuring him that the true nature of the problem would not become public knowledge. Calling in a favor from wealthy industrialist [B]Randall Pierce[/B], the Rippers were able to manufacture a story about how the Asylum was beset by a plague - concealing the true nature of the problem at the Asylum. The vampires in turn were alternately lead out into the sunlight of the early morning to be destroyed, or slaughtered in the tunnels with vials of holy water secured by Jonathan Harker.

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