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Story Recap from 10/22/16

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[QUOTE=Talen;295854][B]Betram Gallahad[/B], the head of the lodge in London, approached the team to reach out to [B]Randall Pierce[/B], a wealthy industrialist in a recruitment effort to shore up the lodge's resources in response to the number of kidnappings that have occurred throughout England and Europe. Pierce presented as a strong candidate to accept given he recently survived a werewolf attack - surviving only because a group of 3 Londonites happened upon the scene resulting in the werewolf running off before killing Pierce. Investigation revealed that each of these 3 people have died under mysterious circumstances in the weeks following the attack.

Meeting pierce for dinner at the Iron Butterfly restaurant overlooking a vast garden, the team was able to convince Pierce to join the lodge and lend his vast resources to the team whenever the Rippers share information regarding their upcoming missions. On the way back to the lodge, a group of dockworker thugs attempted to separate Pierce from the Rippers, only to be soundly thrashed by the team with Granver Stone suffering a horrible knife wound requiring treatment back at the lodge.

With Pierce in tow, it was only a few weeks later that his contacts proved useful as the Rippers were able to gain an audience with [B]Maxmillian Kobek[/B], the new head of the London Asylum for the Clinically Insane. Kobek has become known for his draconian methods for keeping the inmates under control. The Rippers were investigating a rash of slasher attacks - all occurring near the Asylum. Investigations revealed that some fear the attacks portend the return of a more savage Dr. Jack - other believe the Asylum to be the source of the attacks, whether an inmate or an employee.

Refusing to follow Pierce's plan to enter the asylum and investigate covertly as inmates, the Rippers were able to sneak into the Asylum through a muck-filled storm gate and finding the secured cell the most violent inmates were kept in. Picking the lock, the Rippers discovered 3 Nosferatu locked in the room. Unwilling to leave the threat of the 3 savage recently turned vampires unchecked, the Rippers quickly executed a plan to pick off the monsters in their cell. The threat dispatched, the Rippers now have to decide what this all means....

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