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[LFP] Rippers Resurrected Saturdays 6-9pm ET

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I'll be running a Rippers Resurrected Campaign on alternating Saturdays starting this week on the 22nd. I have an unlimited license so no purchase needed for players new to Fantasy Grounds. I like Masks approach to Rippers and players are free to come and go as needed. This makes thematic sense given the way a Rippers Lodge works. The calendar link is [URL="https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/index.xcp?id=2226"]HERE.[/URL] A brief introduction to the campaign is provided below as the first episode was played in a one-shot by a previous group. ([I]WARNING:[/I] the summary below includes spoilers from the plot point campaign)

[B][SIZE=5][FONT=franklin gothic medium]The Story So Far...[/FONT][/SIZE][/B]

Several members of the London lodge of the Rippers were the invited guests of noted ancient civilizations scholar, [B][I]Arthur Harmsworth[/I][/B]. After spending an evening being regaled by the professor's tales of his recent work translating ancient Egyptian texts, the dinner party was interrupted by a break-in at the University where the professor resided. It was only after a group of opium fueled thug intruders were roundly defeated that it was discovered the break-in was merely a pretext for the abduction of the professor. After tracking the kidnappers to a Limehouse street gambling parlour and opium den - the group was able to hunt down the kidnapper's purported leader, Freddie Marchant through the streets of London in a harrowing chase. Managing to derail the carriage carrying the scholar with their attacks, the carriage skidded to a halt. As the Rippers rushed to tender aid to the professor who was in the carriage as it came to an abrupt stop, the heroes were set upon by a Shadow Beast pouncing upon them on a dreary night at the docks. Dispatching this latest threat - the Rippers were horrified to learn the poor professor did not survive the crash of the carriage.

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