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Are BLOGs valuable source of informations?

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Blogs are the bests way how to inform wide masses of fans!
And is very hard find sometime little time for writing and imbue them with any kind of valuable informations.

Peoples often arguing that it is because our era increasingly speeds up and we haven't free time.
But I think it's because peoples rely on others, [I](somebody write this informations why I?)[/I]
and as result nobody doing it :)
My reason is simpliest "wrong english". I'm understanding but can't writing well.
Maybe this game and reading your great Blogs can help and push me little forward ;) ;)
Don't be worry I'm not starting write blogs here ;) as you sees its really, really terrible and bad.

Im happy when every new Blog post comes up to this section and brings experiences from playing game,
all actual news to date, tutorials with explanations and pictures how to use this and that, little from tactics
& strategy kitchen, how work bonuses, create items, mechanics, effects, using special commands etc... on one place.
Please if you could, share this condensed informations with us newbies. And yes, we knows gathering all
this valuable informations from many sources, years of playing, trials and errors is hard work.
But without them we can't be progressing quicker.

[B]Really BIG, BIG THANKs for everyone who contributed here to this [I]Fantasy Grounds Blog[/I] section
and write Blogs for us.[/B]

Thank you for reading this my bumble on about blogs MDz.

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Updated September 22nd, 2016 at 11:12 by MarianDz (error in heading word iformations corrected to informations)



  1. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Great jump into the world of blogging Marian. Thanks for your expression of appreciation. You touch upon a couple of salient points, at least in my view of things. One, blogging takes time, one of my earlier posts took me two 8 hour days to put together. Because I know how time intensive blogging can be, I have read every blog posted here on FG's site. Even those that might not initially pique my interest. There is almost always at least one gem of wisdom. And two, a blog can present information in a coherent and concise manner. I'm sure a lot of the information I touch on in my blogs could just as easily be imparted through forum thread discussions, and much may already be in the forums. However, threads tend to meander on and off topic and include comedic and witty posts and even worse arguing over opinion.

    Again thanks for weighing in and welcome to FG and the FG blogs.
  2. MarianDz's Avatar
    Thank you Minty,
    hear this encouraging words from you is honor for me. Hope I'll be useful member for this nice FG project and his community.

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