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Something a bit different - A discussion about Real Dice

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If you are like any of the gamers that I know, you have buckets and buckets of dice. I received an email from the folks at Easy Roller Dice asking if I would mind reviewing their dice and of course, I said "no problem. I love dice."

They have a fairly good selection of dice colors and materials, but the ones that jumped out to me were the glow in the dark dice set. That was a set that I didn't have yet. In addition, they sent me a dice cup to use when rolling them. I have a dice cup from Castles & Crusades that I often use and I find that I really like rolling them from the cup. The cups are felt lined and the dice bounce around inside in a very pleasing manner. I find that I like that much better than just coupling my hands together into a makeshift dice cup and rolling that way. If you have to roll a bunch of dice, then it is even more important. Rolling 20, 30 or 40 dice at a time works fairly well.

One thing I noticed about the glow-in-the-dark set is that they have a cool look sitting on the table but you wouldn't necessarily recognize them as glow-in-the-dark unless the power failed mid game. Here is where the dice cup comes into play. Throw those same dice into the cup and they shed an eerie glow that is very cool.

The dice themselves are true to their name. They roll easily thanks to rounded edges and the numbers are clear and easy to read. They came in a small dice pouch for the set and overall I think they'd make great gifts for the budding RPG gamer or for the long-time gamer if you go with one of the novelty sets like the glow-in-the-dark or one of the cool metal themes.

Now, back to Fantasy Grounds. Dice are one of the most important parts to get right when you look to build software to emulate it. It's very clear to me that we aren't just sitting around playing a game of spreadsheets and using random number generators. You have to be able to customize the dice and you have to be able to roll them singly or in large bunches comprised of possibly several different types of die all at once. I think that is what initially drew me to Fantasy Grounds and even today it is still one of the great features of the software that makes it stand out from the competition.

As we move further and further into development of the next version of Fantasy Grounds on Unity, we will be looking for even more ways to improve the dice experience. Don't be surprised if you see some cool new options for material types, shapes, reflectivity and more with your dice. Glow-in-the-dark dice? Maybe.

Visit Easy Roller Dice and tell them that you read about them on Fantasy Grounds
The dice I tested
And the Dice Cup

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  1. Talley Darkstar's Avatar
    Stop, I don't need any more dice. lol I can't wait for FG's expanded dice! Keep up the great work!
  2. midas's Avatar
    I agree about dice and how great they are to roll. I sometimes find myself sitting at my desktop and watching TV on one monitor and I'll load up FG in the other one and just toss dice around. Players apparently do this a lot as well as I'll see them accidentally dropping them into the chat window instead of the desktop, heh.

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