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4 wickedly Savage Tales coming your way

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I really haven't dome as much over the last three of four days as I originally planned. Weather has been great so I took some time to enjoy it. I did manage to get all of the text information for all four of the Savage Tales entered. The bestiary entries have been started, and all that remains after those are the images/maps and pre-gens.

One of the issues with the images in the Winter Eternal setting book is that the non-color artwork does not copy well at all. They turn into an all black image with very thin white lines. They look fantastic in the book and are very evocative of Ehlerrac...not so much when you are trying to manipulate them to add into the Fantasy Grounds conversion. Not going to be a huge issue as +Morne Schaap is providing workable copies of them.

A brief discussion with +Eric Lamoureux got me thinking a bit last night and some today. He mentioned pinning the various encounters, as some GM's like saving the prep time for other things. Honestly, at first I was a little hesitant simply because some of the encounters are 2 or 3 baddies for every player and my line of thinking was along the lines of "how many should I add". After thinking about for a bit, I realized that I can **** of a GM - "the player's problem if there are too many bad guys...not mine" was my next line of thought. So once I have the maps all re-sized and prepped for use in Fantasy Grounds I am going to go back through and pin all the encounters - likely based on a party of 5 PCs. Another thing I am going to do is go back through and set up treasure parcels for all the areas that have treasure.

I have no screen shots of any the bestiary entries yet, but I do have a couple other ones. First one is a screen cap from today showing all four windows for the Savage Tales. Ochlandis' Schema took the longest, not only because it is the longest of them all but I did two versions of it. One, as you see in the picture with all the heading set up to be expandable. The other version all the headings were created as separate windows. To keep window management and screen real estate usage as low as possible for the GM I went with the version you see now. All the relevant story entries on one window, with the only things being separate are the maps, treasures and encounters.

WE 14 May.jpg

The second image shows the one sheets that +Just Insert Imagination published and all are available on your favorite game shopping site. Of particular interest is the NPC window that is open. The Savage Tale "Cold Memories, Long Forgotten" involves a Chase scene where there is a cavern collapsing all around the players. To help the GM with this I created that same cavern as an NPC, and yes that cavern is a Wild Card in the one sheet! This image is what led to that aforementioned discussion with +Eric Lamoureux.

WE 12 May.jpg

Not a huge update, but still forward progress. If you have any thoughts one way or another on pinning the encounter let me know in the comments. It wasn't something I really thought about until that discussion.

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  1. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Personally, I love pins. My players are currently working through Princes of the Apocalypse. There are a lot of images provided in the module. I'll pin pictures, drawings, random encounter tables, whatever, to the map. I work mostly from the map as they traipse around Desserin Valley. Having things pinned to the main map allows me to keep play going at a quicker pace. I don't have to constantly, go the story board, or the copious images looking for what I want. That said, I suspect I wouldn't have wanted, WotC or Smithworks to have preplaced all of the pins I've since added, but there certainly should be locations-to-story pins.

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