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  1. Setting Your First Scene

    f you did everything right in Preparation Phase, you should have some sort of conflict or direction for your PC by now. Remember the main goal of your PC and use it as a gateway to create conflict in your first scene to resolve. Don't let your PC easily achieve the main goal, yet.

    # Setting the First Scene

    Start by **Setting Your First Scene** depending on the place and your PC's situation in it. You can use any Mode of Play for this: maps, theater of mind, typing, ...
  2. Journaling

    If you want to play one-shots, there is no need for recording in Solo Play. But if you decide to play a long campaign, you'll need some form of recording to be consistent. Don't just think of it as in text form. You can also list only the things in your scenes OR keep a audio / video journal.

    # Why Journaling?

    • To get yourself up to speed in later sessions
    • Solidify your PCs' actions and give them a meaning in the game world
    • Enrich your campaign with readily
  3. Modes of Play in Solo RPGs

    1. FGU Maps and Visual Aids: Self explanatory. You can combine this with other modes to keep things more spicy.
    2. Theater of the MIND: by simply imagining with your inner eye and thinking with your inner voice. You can use (ambiance) music without lyrics, prepared pictures to keep you in the mood and spark your imagination.
    3. Typing into CHAT in character. FGU comes in handy for this. /gmid command changes your GM name to anything. And you can speak as any character. You can read your logs later
  4. Minimal Prep In Solo Sessions

    • Create your Player Character Sheet, and a sidekick's if you want.

    IF you want to skip story writing, use the template below for quick backstory creation.

    **Quick & Dirty Template:** (Char Name) is/has (descriptive outer look), (a psychological trait), wearing (description of main clothes), and is (feeling this emotion) because he/she/it can't have (someone / something) or someone / something (did him/her wrong) because of (PC's past action) in (optional place ...
  5. MYHTIC GM Emulator

    Mythic's Fate Chart v1
    can be found in here for free: https://www.pbegames.com/mythic/
    This is not the whole Mythic EMU but only the automatized d100 Fate Chart in it.

    Here is the Full 2nd Edition in FGU as a module: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1127/view

    # Scenes

    Scenes are the framework of the Mythic GM Emulator. They are the smallest unit of time in terms of story -> adventure -> campaign. Their purpose is to divide your ...
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