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  1. With his kind permission ...

    I believe I have said this in comments but maybe not in my blog that I am a proponent of having some kind of board to use to have open communication. There are a number of different options ... for example we a Facebook page. This works for us as not only players can communicate but our friends and former players can check in and share in the fun.The DM can use this to have players do something between gaming sessions, check in with players about the going ons and remind people about game time. ...
  2. Formally known as the Ghohlborn's Lair ...

    As the party left the goblin bard behind entertaining at the Shattered Spire, I knew they would have high expectations of finding upon their return, Gracklstaugh in ruins. Where the self proclaimed King of the Goblins squats, chaos flows. Droop is the goblin from the Lost Mines of Phandelver, who in our campaign found a ring on Glasstaff's bedroom table which was a ring of the Djinn. He used it to wish he was so rich, he defecated platinum. Two pieces a day.

    Funny what you can look ...

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  3. A Belated Birthday Gift

    Things have settled down gamewise. We are still playing Out of the Abyss, but currently in the middle of an adventure I have inserted into the timeline. They have been seemingly been enjoying this one as they have each night been singing my praises. It concerns an investigation of a cloistered alchemist, being worked to death by a variant of hags that since we are in what Jim calls the "Under Stank," 3 stone hags. But more of that once they have completed this quest.

    I ...
  4. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Prologue

    September 12th, 1955
    The Department of Science had finally allocated a budget for the research and investigation of paranormal activities. It took some fast talk and cuts in pay, but we were finally on our feet and looking into the odd things happening in and around the area. Frankly, we're not much more than a club with a travel budget. Should we find actual evidence of ghosts or things from beyond the stars, the University would have no choice but to grant an even larger sum. The paltry ...

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    EWTRTW Story
  5. The road to hell ...

    Is paved with good intentions.

    Whoops it's been awhile.

    Sorry. Work has changed for me and the new schedule has upset the time I set up for everything. Throw in vacation, trying to keep up with my DMing duties and an art project or two ... well ... here we are ... back again.

    In our game we are still going through Out of the Abyss. And that is exactly what they want ... out of the Abyss. This has been a rough patch. Maybe I hit them too hard. They were ...

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