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  1. Introductions and Season 5 Announcements

    Greetings and Salutations, Adventurers.

    Let me introduce myself. I am Brynnan the High, an ancient High Elf Wizard some 700 years old: Master of High Magics and a PortalMaster of the Planes. In the Mundane Plane, I am known as Bryan Britt and I am your newly-appointed Local Coordinator for Fantasy Grounds for the Adventurers League, Online Region. I am here to answer any questions I can about D&D Adventurers League and playing AL Legal games on Fantasy Grounds. Feel free to ...

    Updated August 14th, 2016 at 07:01 by Brynnan

    Adventurers League , Storm King's Thunder
  2. Getting Started Playing 5e D&D using Fantasy Grounds

    I wrote a blog where I tried to summarize what you need to do to start playing. Next up will be one on starting out as a DM.

  3. Winter Eternal, Weird Wars Rome updates and a theme, plus the next project.

    Its really funny how that old cliche "you don't know what you have until its gone" continues to ring true. In my case, its more I didn't realize how much stuff I actually did on my old laptop until it finally gave stopped working. I did almost all my conversion work on it, moving to the main computer occasionally. Generally, any image work tended to be on my main rig as it was far more capable than the old laptop for that stuff.

    Needless to say, after the death of that ...
  4. The Fallen Angel Campaign

    So as a new DM and a newer member to fantasy grounds i started a campaign similar to the new Acquisitions Incorporated episodes we decided to start the characters at level 3 so it wouldn't be such a grind for our first play through.. The Players were paid as mercenaries to raid the Dwarven Enclave Dron vault and steal a precious gem their unknown employer asked them to steal. They were to keep deaths to a minimum or leave no survivors what so ever. They were to be paid 1,000 gold and be allowed ...
  5. VTT Comparison Chart between the different versions of Fantasy Grounds vs Roll20

    Before you choose the VTT that is best for you, it might make sense to look over this short summary chart that compares the primary named features. I know it can be expanded out further since sometimes a single line item on a chart doesn't adequately describe or convey the importance of the item at work. In order to fully compare the two, it might be worth checking out the free 30-day trial of Fantasy Grounds and also trying the free version of Roll20. At the end of the day, there is a limited free ...
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