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  1. jmucchiello's Avatar
    Where was this when I was looking for a job??
  2. ddavison's Avatar
    This is a group account through gmail and they have some heavy handed spam detection that occasionally flags legitimate email. You can email it me directly at [email protected].
  3. wrongholt's Avatar
    Can't send email to the [email protected] says it blocking because of spam.
  4. jwatmough's Avatar
    Thank you so much! I am so very excited to be working with such a great team.
  5. Doswelk's Avatar
    When you can hire people outside USA let me know
  6. FG_Dave's Avatar
    Welcome to the team Joshua!
  7. jonrandahl's Avatar
    Morning all, long time lurker, new poster here!

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the project for such an amazing product!

    Out of curiosity is there a specific location that developers outside of the US can contribute ideas, comments, and or moments of inspiration moving forward?

    Cheers for everything nonetheless, look forward to hearing back! ����������
  8. GavinRuneblade's Avatar
    I am thrilled. My wallet is curled up in the corner weeping.
  9. osarusan's Avatar
    Awesome! So I'm guessing having a full time artist means that there will be a lot more art included with the base program? That will make it a lot more competitive, and help establish a default "look" for FG. This is great news!
  10. backwardoracle's Avatar
    Colin, if you move to Donald's part of Scotland, it might be considered US territory, so technically, fulfilling US tax laws
  11. DrakePD's Avatar
    I really like Joshua's art, so this is a great thing!

  12. MadBeardMan's Avatar
    Ah I do at work, cos the tea is awful.

    Working on Traveller tonight, just getting my youngests Birthday dinner out of the way.

    Would love to do rulesets full time, they're ace stuff.
  13. ddavison's Avatar
    You might want to start drinking coffee.
  14. MadBeardMan's Avatar
    Time to move to the US me thinks, though not sure the rest of the family would want me to!

    GL filling these.
  15. MarianDz's Avatar
    Once again great work "skj310"
    On picture in step 7 you can add both conditions at once (no needed create two separate action buttons) simply in description row write both ADVATK; ADVCHK this way next action of person which you helps take one of this advantages not both at once. Attack advantage ADVATK or check advantage ADVCHK. Which one
    comes first then this will be used. Please continue in writting blogs...
  16. Caelen's Avatar
    I recently discovered a new tool to make the pdfs look super pretty. Watch for updates :3
  17. GavinRuneblade's Avatar
    These are always very cool charts. Thank you for sharing them.

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