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  1. skj310's Avatar
    I completely forgot about the 1d6+4+HD of creature .... oof! So in other words that kit i made for the condition you outline above is NOT what I have but now I need to ponder on this. Using [LVL] will mean using your characters level not your targets and as of this writing I don't know if THERE IS a way to use a target's HD, so in the end all I can say is thx for that catch!
  2. Shireling's Avatar
    So question: If the player has the Healer Feat then the healer's kit does a few other things... Stable becomes 1 HP (easy - instead of effect you do heal and you use 1 HP) but then there is the action of "Tend To" which is a more difficult effect to code that I need help with:

    I tried multiple versions of HEAL: 1d6+4+[LVL] or even as simple as HEAL: 1d6 and nothing ever gets rolled like when I have an effect that rolls DMG. How do you use the healing modifier under Effects?
  3. TimSmyth's Avatar
    Thanks for your consideration!
  4. MadBeardMan's Avatar
    It's a shame I don't live in the US, otherwise I'd have jumped at it.
  5. ddavison's Avatar
    We have just hired two new people to join the team. We opted for hiring on two different people in the role of Ruleset Developer. They may dabble a bit in content creation as a Module Conversion Specialist as well.

    We plan to hold off on any future hires for the immediate term and then we may re-visit the applications we received for the other roles again at that time. Thanks again for your interest. We had a lot of great candidates.

    The new hires are Dominic Morta and Hollis Gray.
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    Very good worked
  7. Melborne's Avatar
    Same quiz from, if you're the owner of that site your link to Basic d20 Advantages & Advancements is broken from the Custom Characters.html page.
  8. TimSmyth's Avatar
    Oh, that's cool! SmiteWorks just does such big things, it's easy to forget that you guys are a small organization. I was just worried I missed it!

    Whoever you hire for Ruleset, please get someone who will make us a Shadow of the Demon Lord and Blades in the Dark official ruleset so I can put that money in your pocket!
  9. ddavison's Avatar
    Thanks for the interest. We are conducting interviews this week and next week. Our focus has moved over mostly to the Ruleset Developer for our first hire.
  10. TimSmyth's Avatar
    Has there been any news on this front? I remember seeing that y'all had hoped to get through the resumes by the end of July, so I'm dying to hear more about it! Thanks!

    - Tim

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