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  1. No excuses!!!

    Only an explenation.

    Oddly enough ... The only comments I have received of late is that I have seemingly abanded my blog.

    Interesting ...

    Who knew anyone is reading it.

    So let me catch you up on what's been going on ...


    My best friend from Jr. High. still play RPGs together. He is currently wanting to run Traveller in Fantasy Grounds. Here's the hitch. ...
  2. I think guillermo del toro is reading my mind!!!

    Or maybe it's the other way around.

    I have been busy doing the leg work for putting into Fantasy Grounds the Black Sword Hack rule system. I wish someone who knew what they were doing had this task. I think mine will be functional ...
    but it sure isn't going to be pretty.

    But I'm kind of glad to be stepping away from D&D after what they have been putting in of late. And this system, well ... I really like the character creation process and the customization ...
  3. Inquiring minds want to know ???

    Hi Everyone!

    It's been a bit. I have been working hard of late working on cobbling a useable version of an OSR game, that is not on the ones offered in FG. I'm hoping this one is more exceptable to my group. Jim kind of put the kabosh on Dungeon Crawl Classic. Short and sweet ... Jim said' "I will NEVER play that game!" I wish I had known that before I made the investment. Jim is not the most polite indivigual. Personally I think it was that DCC is not optimized for mid ...
  4. Dungeon 23


    What is the meaning of two posts in two days. Who are you and what have you done witn John?

    Don"t you hate coming late to the party?

    I do.

    But here I am.

    So I don"t know, with all the YouTube I watch that I didn't see this.

    Called The Dungeon 23 Challenge is atribited to Shawn McCoy, creator of The Mother ship. The concept is simple. One creates a mega dungeon. It consist of a dungeon ...

    Updated September 4th, 2023 at 18:09 by Moon Wizard

    Tags: dungeon 23
  5. teaching an old dog a new trick

    Ok... so given with what has been going on lately with WOTC and just in general with my life I have to make some changes. With only half a brain, I need to go in a somewhat new direction. I at first thought about switching to Dungeon Crawl Classic but when I suggested it to my group, one of my long time players ... our friendly neighbor hood "That Guy" threw a fit. "I WILL NEVER PLAY THAT GAME!!!"

    I'll be honest it kind of took the stuffing out of me. After all, ...
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