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  1. Project: Zombicide - Day 1

    Welcome to Day 1!

    Can you already hear the Zombies moan and wail out there? No? Well, that's because we are not quite there yet.

    Today we are going to start our rulebook. Why would we do that, when the rulebook is accessible online?

    For once converting it into a Fantasy Grounds module allows every player quick access to the rules, plus we can later link the different characters, skills etc. into it. Basically it's going to contain all the content the ...
  2. Project: Zombicide - Day 0

    Hello there!

    Fantasy Grounds is a great tool for playing Role-Playing Games with friends over the internet, just like you would at your own table at home.

    The Name Who Cannot Be Named, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and a few others have great rulesets who make things almost easier than playing in your living room. I love it.

    Hmm. Table? Living Room? Friends dispersed?

    Why not try to convert a board game instead of an RPG? Presumably the rules ...

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  3. 2014 Year in Review for SmiteWorks

    This year has been a very busy year and we wanted to reach out to everyone who helped make it a special year for us. I'll be sending out another email later this week (or next) with some news on plans for 2015.

    For me personally, I decided that once Fantasy Grounds made it through the Greenlight process on Steam, it was time to hang up the corporate life and focus 100% on growing Fantasy Grounds. The results have been fairly good, but I always hope for more. I made the change in late ...
  4. Pathfinder Weapon Damage

    Great post by Nickademus explaining the Pathfinder Weapon Damage strings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickademus View Post
    The combat tracker usually uses the format from the 3.5E or PF stat block in the Monster Manuals/Bestiaries. The specifics can get tricky though. Here's a breakdown of what you are looking for:

    battleaxe +7 melee (1d8+5/19-20/x3)
    silver dagger +2 (1d4+2/19-20)
    +1 flaming longbow +5 ranged (1d8+1d6 piercing, fire/x3)
    acidic touch +10 melee touch (5 acid)

  5. XSLT Character Sheet - Prob Final version

    Attached is a zip with my final,, maybe xslt file for enabling printing and web site displaying of the std char xml file as exported from FG.

    Add this line to the 2nd line of the xml file.

    <?xml-stylesheet href="char.xslt" type="text/xsl" ?>

    Then open the XML in the browser and print.

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