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  1. Reuniting the Band: A Token Effort

    Now that I had workable maps, it was time to get some tokens. Back in the day, when my group used to play face-to-face we were using 1st edition AD&D rules, and minis and battle maps weren’t terribly necessary. Back in those days I was a poor college student (and then a poor University employee) and I couldn’t afford to purchase minis. I had a few, but I also lacked the talent to paint them well, so I never used them, and none of my friends used minis either. I did have some cardboard figures ...
    Tags: reuniting, tokens
  2. Today's Update on Winter Eternal

    It's finally here - today's update on Winter Eternal! The weather was pretty decent on the weekend, so there wasn't as much accomplished over the last for or five days as I would have liked. The good news is that quite a bit did get completed.

    First up is a screen shot of both the random ruin generation tables. Now these are based on cards, so it is beyond my abilities, at this time, to try and create some Lua scripts to make these clickable for the GM. I am not even sure if that ...
  3. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - An XML Bag of Holding

    A little bit of Lua and a lot of XML…

    Let’s touch on variables. In a program, a variable is a place where data is stored. Variables have names, like x or myData or steve. Variables can have a type, which means they can only hold certain kinds of data, like a number, or a single letter of the alphabet. Some variables are very flexible and can hold anything, they are often referred to as objects. Lua’s variables are untyped, they are very flexible, one can think of them as objects. ...
  4. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - Share the Combat Map

    I will explain how I have set up my Fantasy Grounds development environment to make it easier for me to go into the rulesets, edit them and observe how it affects FG.

    Detour: As a prospective content developer you must be familiar with the Windows (or whatever OS you’re using) folder or directory structure and you must know how to manipulate it: make folders, copy and rename files, create shortcuts, etc. I am assuming that you have this knowledge.

    Nobody enjoys, End ...

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  5. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - Gather Your Weapons

    This time I’ll talk about information: Smiteworks online documents and web pages, outside web sites, coding tutorials, and code editors.

    Detour: In this and future blog posts I will mark little excursions into off topic or background information with a “Detour”. This time it will be the typical disclaimer: All recommendations made by me, are simply that, mine. They in no way reflect the opinions or policies of Smiteworks nor are they endorsements by Smiteworks.

    Fantasy ...

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