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  1. Conan 2d20 Impressions

    Who doesn't like Conan, and who wouldn't want a chance to adventure rich world of Robert E Howard? When Shotgun Jolly first pointed me in the direction of Modiphius' 2d20 Conan system in its Kickstarter stage I was initially intrigued.

    After downloading the quick start rules a read, I became really hesitant about looking deeper at what Modiphius was doing with the setting and rules. To be honest I have never played or looked at any of the newer d(x) systems, fate, gumshoe, or anything ...
  2. Top RPG Games on Fantasy Grounds through 2020-03

    SmiteWorks released Fantasy Grounds Unity in mid-March. In addition, the global pandemic has forced many local groups to play remotely. As a result, there are increases across the board with new game sessions.

    Corrected Graphs:

    Updated May 28th, 2020 at 18:30 by ddavison

  3. A Few Not So Random Thoughts

    I am still quite angry with the treatment of veteran's issues by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), and by extension the government, as I ranted about in my last post.

    Even worse because of stuff like this CRAP posted by CTV News.

    A few years ago, VAC couldn't cover service dogs for veterans because there was no national standard in place. Okay, so a group of stakeholders, including veterans who had been given service dogs through private charities, service animal providers, ...
  4. How to create interesting PC

    There's plenty of guide on how to optimize character for most damage or utility but very few on to write a background story. Playing a rogue wearing dark cloth who is an orphan is boring.

    Even orphan had parents who died for a reason, had jobs, relatives, you get adoptives parents,... but let say you do have parents, are they farmers, merchants or minor nobility.
    A son of farmers may go an adventure to get coins to help his family, he may wear the chain mail of his grandfather ...
  5. The Crossroads -- Start Here

    Quote Originally Posted by kalmarjan
    Okay--full disclosure

    I LOVE the Fantasy Grounds product, and even though I haven't used it much these last 6 years, I've always had it installed on my desktop and laptop.
    Heck, if they had an iPhone version, I'd make the switch today. I'm not paid to do this review, the views are my own, and I just want to learn FG and share it with you.
    3.2 is here folks. I've had a chance to go through it, play a game or two with it:
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