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  1. Solo Gameplay Videos

    For now, I'll end this guide with video examples of Solo Play from all over Youtube. Each one of them are part of a series, and each episode consists of 1 or 2 scenes. Mostly 20 minutes long.

    Epic Solo's D&D, season 1:

    Note: This is a great example of create-as-you-go style in 5th Edition.


    Me, Myself and Die's Savage World series:

    The finest ...
  2. Cheating In Solo Play

    I'm not gonna say don't cheat, it's up to you. It's YOUR game, YOUR rules. BUT... Cheating only steals from your fun in the long run. If you still wanna do it: Although, all game rules give you a foundation to set your experience upon to keep things balanced, at least bend or break these rules in Solo Play with a touch on the Law side of things.

    # Godlike PC

    * If your dream is to play a **godlike** character and cheese combat encounters, at least give it a background ...
  3. Adjudication and Rules

    # Game Rules (including Rule of Cool) VS. Realism VS. Narrative

    No need to establish rules for the rules;

    • Choose when to utilize game rules, IRL realism or narrative theater of mind, or even rule of cool, for the continuity of the game, while playing.
    • Or be strict and have permadeath with hardcore rules if that is more suitable for you.
    • Yes, you are the GM but you are also the Player.
    • Again. FUN is the most important aspect of Solo Play.

    Next: ...
  4. Combat Tweaks for Solo GMs

    # Setting Combat Encounters

    Since you are both the player and the GM, you'll play the monsters and villains in combat as well as your PC. The first trick for a captivating Solo session is to play the monsters accordingly to their nature. And suspend your PC bias when you attack your PC with monsters to keep the game exciting.

    If you want, you can give your PC another, limited advantage that gives you a choice to reroll any PC rolls once, twice, or at most thrice.
  5. Roleplaying in Solo Play

    # Isn't It Weird to RP By Myself?

    If you don't want to roleplay by yourself, a way to entertain yourself is to simply comment on the results of rolls for your PC, NPCs, monsters, and villains. Just like a pro wrestling commenter in TV. You can even be as sarcastic as you want if that's your cup of tea!

    But there are some ways of inner-interrelations for your PCs that might raise your appetite for your sessions. Especially if you like reading or listening to ...
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