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    No i haven't released it yet. Been using it as a test data for the toolkit, and will be available for download with the next release.

    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails
    Might be late to the party, but glad I found this. I was actually looking for a link to a color blind friendly theme but found this instead. Did you post your theme by chance? (Oh, and thanks again for your theme builder!)
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    Was running 'Under a starless Sea' funnel with 12 PC and 25 NPC in the combat tracker (last fight).
    Still it worked fine on FGU.

    PC#s are very quick made, making them is fun and brings often a good laughter. So, grab a pitchfork and a chicken and go out fighting for your life
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    Might be late to the party, but glad I found this. I was actually looking for a link to a color blind friendly theme but found this instead. Did you post your theme by chance? (Oh, and thanks again for your theme builder!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dulux-oz
    I'm talking about the inherent "conflict of interest" and increased potential for for corruption ie the referee being paid by one of the team of players (the only one) and the resulting potential fo the GM/referee to "go easy" on the players *because* if he doesn't then the players (ie the money source) may not come back.
    I've been in a number of paid games now and I can categorically say those things just don't happen. First and foremost, in paid games the cost is shared by all the players, so there can be no favoritism. Second, since no one in the world, I think, makes their living by being a paid GM, the incentive to keep customers by coddling them is nonexistent. Everyone understands that games come and go, players come and go, and life goes on. It's not the same as, say, a salesman who works on commission. A GM would do *far* better and make a lot more money by just being a good, honest, talented craftsman who runs interesting and fun games instead of trying to weasel a few extra bucks by "going easy" on them. Good GMs constantly raise or lower the difficulty based on how things go anyways, it's part of the job,

    You are also ignoring the huge benefits of paid games. I've been in a couple now and I LOVE them. Some of the best games I've every played! They run so differently. First, everyone shows up and they show up on time. There is a LOT less "oh I can't play tonight I want to watch a movie instead" kind of thing, a lot less dropping out at the last minute. People put it in their schedule and make other commitments around it - which they should do for any game but most don't take very seriously when it's free. If they know they can;t make it, they let the others know well ahead of time so rescheduling is possible.

    Secondly, there is MUCH less screwing around and getting nothing done during the session. Sure, people still joke around and have fun, but generally they want the story to progress and do not waste time on stupid stuff. In one free game I was in, a guy with hundreds of gold pieces in his pocket took up about 40 minutes of game time haggling with a weapons merchant just to try to save a few coppers on a plain old mace. That kind of thing just doesn't happen in paid games.

    Also, while the "money incentive" provides an incentive to the GM to do their homework, be prepared. plan ahead, and so on. And they feel pride in their work, get a good reputation, and feel like they get something tangible for all the hours it takes.

    In general I'm saying people value things thy pay for a lot more than free things. As they say, "no one washes a rented car." When people are paying for a game they take it more seriously and try harder to squeeze in a lot of roleplaying and fun rather than sitting around chitchatting about nothing. Also, "problem" players are much more likely to be kicked out because no one wants their paid game to be ruined by some moron who can't behave.

    I heart my paid GM!

    Quote Originally Posted by dulux-oz
    IBut if people want to do it then that's up to them - I've outlined why I don't favour the practice, and its a position I've come to after many long hours of careful consideration over many years.
    Well, that's not strictly true, is it, that "it's up to them." In the license for the extensions you've written you specifically prohibit them form being used in paid games. Everyone ignores it, of course, but it seems rather petty of you to be honest. If you want to take a "live and let live" approach you would remove the restriction. It wouldn't change anything, but it would be a nice symbolic display of gamer unity and freedom to choose the way we play.
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    Well as GM's we all know how much work it is to run a Campaign for our Players. Even running a official module takes work. For the most of us GM's that is part of the fun, many do that for Friends, so okay.
    But: i could totally understand ppl that make this Gm ing for theyr Living. If they offer their Players a good, reliable Service, why not?
    Seeing some streams in yt or twitch i cant help of thinking: yes, that Looks like so much fun, why should i not pay some Money to be part of it? Why not? Going to watch a movie or a theatre,Football game - anything entertaining will cost me some Money.
    I cant see any wrong in beeing a professional GM
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    Step 1: Get FGC Running.
    Step 2: Port over the characters.
    Step 3: Port over the images, portraits, and Tokens.
    There is no 4.
    Step 5: Port over anything relavent from the campaign.
    Step 6: Have players connect and test **** out.
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    Comin' in late, comin' in hot...

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and of course the OP has stated his clearly. And it's ok to have that opinion. Simply put, D-O will not pay nor charge for RPGs he's involved in. But it's the justifications that are off base IMO.

    Pretending that all RPGs are within the sanctity of everlasting friendship (I may be exaggerating here) and that is what makes it a great game is ludicrous. What about games at conventions? The RPG rooms at Gen Con, Origins et el are packed to the gills with people who have PAID to be there. And while those GMs did not directly receive cash from the players, each and every one of them was compensated for the time spent running those games. I have been in some EPIC one-shots at conventions with people I have never met, and have never seen again, and still will tell stories about what happened. No one thinks twice about forking over the badge fee, event fee, etc for a convention, and in these cases your players and GM are sight unseen. I've also been in some games with not so good GMs, but wrote it off as bad luck for the money spent. And btw, I tell stories about how bad those games were as well.

    As far as 'conflict of interest' or the 'corruption' involved...what GM worth his/her salt doesn't fudge the dice or change on the fly for the benefit of the story? I've never been paid for a game - thought about it, still thinking about it, but it hasn't happened...yet. But I've fudged plenty in 40+ years of gaming in order to make the story better for all involved. I've also had bad luck take down many players in that time, and yet they keep coming back. Because the story is good. The money should make no difference. A good GM (and person) will have that discussion up front (along with quite a bit of other details) with their players. "Listen, we are in this together for the story, and while I appreciate your support, we aren't going to do this any differently because of the business relationship. My only guarantee is we will have fun." And if they aren't having fun, they are free to walk. It seems to me that the games I've seen advertised are a 'pay as you play' setup, so you aren't out $200 for a campaign you hate if you walk. You've only paid for the sessions you've been in. There is the added bonus that if the game sucks, the GM will be out of paying customers...problem solved.

    The point D-O made that paid games = paid sex is just foolishness. Games with friends are fun, leave lasting marks, and provide endless stories. But they are NOT sacrosanct events that can only be achieved by the closest of friends and comrades. Stating otherwise is to be speaking from high upon the horse of righteousness, looking down on the the poor masses who will never understand true gaming greatness. To say that paying for the gaming experience cheapens it demonstrates a lack of empathy for the thousands of people who - I don't know - pay money every year (Gen Con, Origins) to play their games with strangers.

    In the end, you vote with your $$$. Don't like it? Don't pay. But let's stop being so sanctimonious about it.
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    So I said "about four sessions into FGU" here, but it's actually 5. We switched over to FGU between Session 3 and 4, and we are just about to do our Session 9 today.
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