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  1. Message of the day

    If one has used Fantasy Grounds for any length of time, you have probably interacted with Delux-Oz. Incredibly active, this man seems to have a helpful answer for everything posted. He also has created mods and extensions that definitely dial up this tabletop up a couple levels. If I get into a discussion about FG over Roll 20 ... I say we got Delux-Oz.

    Thank you, Good Sir, for all you do.

    The extension I would like to highlight with this post is the "Message ...
  2. FG Con Spring 2018

    You can join me for a marathon play-through of the Lairs of Lawlessness at this Spring's FG Con.

    Lairs of Lawlessness puts the player characters in the service of a young knight who is just building his first stronghold. The players help the knight battle evil forces and make his shire safe for civilization while learning for themselves the rewards and dangers of dungeon delving. The nature of the adventure makes it idea for players new to Fantasy Grounds and/or D&D 5e, but quickly ...
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  3. The Power Dynamics In RPG Gaming Groups

    An incident occurred recently (that I won't go in to) that has caused me to think long and hard about the power dynamics of a role-playing gaming group. Being of a philosophic bent, I've decided to write down my mental deliberations and see if others come to the same conclusions as I have. So here goes.

    RPG groups are not Democracies[1]. They may appear to be Democracies on the surface, and they may even strive to act like Democracies in practice, but they are not. They are also not ...

    Updated March 7th, 2018 at 07:11 by dulux-oz

  4. The Maze of Madness

    Once again our brave party entered the Dwarvin mines of the Silver Mountains to seek out and destroy all remnants of evil that the Ghost Kings have brought. Before they could travel far beneath the mountain their passage became blocked where the hallway had caved in and created a sink hole spanned by 6 pillars 4ft round, spaced 5ft apart from each other. The rogue was the first to jump, having tied a rope about himself and then leaping for the first pillar that just happened to be the extended tongue ...
  5. The Revenge

    After being forced out of the Silver Mt Mines, the party re-equipped, gained two new members and once again ventured down. The fire of revenge burned in Durlin's eyes as he lead the party back to the exact location were his brother was slain, seeking out his murderers. Entering the room there again could be seen in the darkness a strange swirling humanoid shape always keeping just out of direct sight lingering in the corners of your eye's. Without hesitation Durlin and Thad charged the creatures ...
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