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  1. Kalmarjan's Player FAQ

    Hello all! I'm ramping up to stream a game here soon, so I thought I'd post a MOD file for those of you interested in playing in my campaign. It goes over what to expect in the wacky world of my campaign, and is a living document between Player and DM.

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  2. Gems! by Agmar

    First Impressions: 3 Stars, 29/50 Points
    This is a fun little module that shows the potential towards becoming the ultimate gem tool for DMís; but, itís only about two-thirds of the way there right now. It has a large list of various gems with multiple size categories and some random gem and parcel generators. But, the documentation is basic, the generators are of limited use, and some really useful generators are absent. Itís a good ...
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  3. Help for the Harried DM

    Or, The Tom Sawyer Principle

    It takes a lot of work to run an RPG campaign. And all of it falls on the shoulders of the GM. Thereís nobody else the GM could even call on for help Ė or is there? Letís look at a little concept I call The Tom Sawyer Principle.

    Did you ever read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain? Early in the book, Tom skips school. As punishment, his Aunt Polly makes him paint a huge fence on Saturday, which is everyone elseís day off. Tom
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  4. DOE: Alignment Graph by dulux-oz

    Screen Shot 02-06-17 at 07.42 PM.PNG

    First Impressions: 4 Stars, 42/50 Points
    This is one of those extensions that at first seems to be designed for a pretty niche group of GMís, but as I explored it more, I began to wonder, ďHmm, I wonder if this would fit in one of my campaigns...Ē Do you need this? Nope. Is it useful? Yes it is, enough so itís worth taking a look at even if you donít ...

    Updated February 7th, 2017 at 19:42 by LordEntrails

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  5. Text Club

    My friends, players, and DMís all know that my favorite niche is text-only games. Itís not for everyone, but those of us who like it, are really passionate about the experience. There hasnít been a lot of innovations that spark our collective interest until Fantasy Grounds came along.

    Fantasy Grounds solves so many burdensome mechanical and administrative details for the text-only gamer. All the time wasted getting dice rollers to work, email scans, correct turn order, and other ...
    Tags: text-only
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