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  1. Tomb of Annihilation by Wizard of the Coast

    Screen Shot 09-10-17 at 09.21 PM.PNG

    First Impressions: 4 Stars, 42/50 Points
    Iím really excited about this adventure and I really like how this product has been arranged in Fantasy Grounds. Simply put, there is a massive amount of content that has been expertly put together into what promises to be an exciting adventure and a great resource for expansion and/or homebrew creation.

    The DM and Player ...

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  2. Join Fantasy Grounds College: Learn Fantasy Grounds, learn D&D, and then play!

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    Feeling lost? Struggling to find a community where you can learn or use Fantasy Grounds without being judged for being a noob? Really want to play D&D online but have no idea where to start? Have some experience to offer and just want some like-minded people to share it with?

    Join our Discord Server!

    Fantasy Grounds College is a Discord community of amazing guys and gals who will help you both LEARN and PLAY Fantasy Grounds (and whatever
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  3. How Smiteworks and Fantasy Grounds CHANGED (SAVED?) MY LIFE!

    by , September 7th, 2017 at 21:16 (Rob2e's "Fantasy Grounds - The Experience!")
    Hey, everyone.

    Those that know me already have this information, but some may not know...

    Three years ago in August 2014, I had a liver transplant. While I was under the knife for 11 hours, my mother passed away. DURING SURGERY! Amazing. Tragic.

    I had my surgery in Seattle, I was in the hospital 58 days. I came back to Spokane on Thanksgiving 2014 and proceeded to start my recovery through the holidays. I spent the first 3/4 of 2015 "looking ...
  4. Campaign building 101

    The common mistake when building a first campaign is to start too big. You are full of ideas, write pages and pages of notes that too often you never got to use.

    You really only need the basic for the first adventure. First a location often a village. What do you really need to know about that village. Let's call our village Douland.

    In Douland you can find a mill near the river, a small inn where the farmers go get a drink after a day of work with a few rooms for ...
  5. Looking ahead to a major DCC RPG ruleset update!

    Well, I finally leveled up my coding skills and gave the DCC RPG ruleset a long-overdue upgrade. When I built ruleset v1.0, my initial goal was to provide a very simple means of playing DCC RPG on Fantasy Grounds, and that meant excluding many of the awesome features in the 5E ruleset. The DCC rules tend to shun complexity, leaving much of the decision-making to the judge, and I wanted to build a ruleset that followed that aesthetic. But sometimes simplicity can be overly constraining, and with ...

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