Dune 2d20 #2
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  1. Story Recap from 12/17/16

    [QUOTE=Talen;308085]Confronted with the aftermath of the destruction of the Egyptian obelisk that once resided at the estate of [B]Sir William Bankes, [/B]the Rippers set to finding answers by questioning the captive politician [B]Jonathan Jellicoe[/B]. The Ripper’s interrogation techniques were “non-traditional, with Jellicoe questioned by the investigator Granver Stone while Jellicoe’s portly frame suspended from a chandelier above Saito’s eager katana. The investigation technique was also effective ...
  2. Story Recap from 11/26/16

    [QUOTE=Talen;303860]The Rippers continued their recruitment of [B]Sir William Bankes[/B] over a weekend dinner party at his Dorset estate in Kingston Lacy. The Rippers learned of Sir Williams’s discovery of an ancient Egyptian Obelisk at a [B]Temple of Isis in Philae Egypt[/B]. Solomon Grist’s surprising knowledge on the subject impressed their host and prompted Granver to engage in additional research on the subject at Sir Williams’s extensive library where he learned that the ...

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