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    Before giving details identifying the settings, it should be pointed out that the vertical spacing between the base of "PENNY" and the left "X" is found in three different measurements, constant throughout all settings for each horizontal row, as follows:
    Spacing 12.75 mm. in horizontal rows 8 and 10 (stamps Nos. 43 - 48 and 55 - 60).

    Recourse was had to a provisional by surcharging the 1d. value. The surcharge consisted of the words "HALF PENNY" in two lines of Roman capitals placed in the upper left, so as to appear in the sky above the ocean liner on the any US collectible stamps https://stampuoso.com/listing/united-states , and a large Roman capital "X" in each lower comer cancelling the figures of value. In addition, a dot above and to the right of the left "X" was inserted, according to the official explanation, to make forgery of the surcharge more difficult.

    The 1/2d. value was always in particular demand at Christmas-time to pay the postage on unsealed local Christmas stamps https://stampuoso.com/topic/christmas . Stocks of the 1/2d. US stamps were getting low during 1940, and a new supply was ordered, but although the consignment was shipped by Transatlantic Clipper before Christmas, the plane was delayed in the Azores, and the stock of 1/2d. stamps in Bermuda became exhausted.
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    Nice! Thanks for making and sharing. This is for the 3.5E ruleset, right?
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