Dune 2d20 #2
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  1. Kalmarjan's Player FAQ

    Hello all! I'm ramping up to stream a game here soon, so I thought I'd post a MOD file for those of you interested in playing in my campaign. It goes over what to expect in the wacky world of my campaign, and is a living document between Player and DM.

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  2. The Crossroads -- Start Here

    Quote Originally Posted by kalmarjan
    Okay--full disclosure

    I LOVE the Fantasy Grounds product, and even though I haven't used it much these last 6 years, I've always had it installed on my desktop and laptop.
    Heck, if they had an iPhone version, I'd make the switch today. I'm not paid to do this review, the views are my own, and I just want to learn FG and share it with you.
    3.2 is here folks. I've had a chance to go through it, play a game or two with it:
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