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  1. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - Effect Visibility (Revisited, Part 2)

    Now to add some functionality to the Effect Visibility Extension. Iíll start by modifying the default behavior of who sees an effect when it is initially applied. For the 5E ruleset, when an effect is applied, everyone sees it. I want to change it to GM only. The GM then has the option of changing who sees the effect and when.

    The astute reader will immediately recognize that in an earlier blog I had mentioned I was abandoning this idea because FG v3.2.0 will make it moot. ...
  2. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - Effect Visibility (Revisited, Part 1)

    This time Iíll jump right in, create an extension, then slowly add more and more functionality to it. Iíll explain, as I go along, what I am doing, and why. Plus Iíll explore solutions to problems as they arise. It is quite a bit to bite off so this will assuredly require multiple blog posts.

    First, to clean things up: in previous blogs I edited some of the ruleset files. I was exploring what the consequences were when certain changes are made to the ruleset files. I want to ...

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  3. A Neophyte Tackles the FG Extension - Effects and Visibility

    Over the next few posts I plan on explaining how I wrote my first FG extension.

    Since starting this blog I have tried to expose readers, particularly readers with little to no software development skills, to background information I felt would help them climb the FG extension learning curve more quickly. For a budding programmer there is a lot to learn, far more than can be conveyed in a blog. Supplementary reading is a must. Mostly, I hope to pique the critical thinking process, ...
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