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    Watching yet another stream, I found out Ripper, Klarg's wolf was originally a dire wolf with 50 hp. That would be the equal there with a full party of adventurers. I could feel their shudder when I shared this. LMoP is indeed a challenging dungeon at low level ... death is a real danger. Newcomers need to learn real fast. They almost took my tactical ploy and got enveloped in the goblin cave. There were a few more goblins and 3 more wolves. Curse the Cleric's bless spell.

    Thanks for the stories ddavison!!! I don't know but I love watching this part of the dungeon.

    Any one else got TPKs from Cragmaw Hideout?
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    My group of players had two TPKs in that same area. For 1st level characters, this is a deadly area.

    It's been a long time since I ran it, but I think it basically went down like this:

    TPK #1:
    The Players took out the sentry goblins and went into the cave where they alerted the wolves. The wolves pulled against the chains and one eventually broke free. This alerted the goblins on the bridge who could see clearly the intruders with torches. One went off off for reinforcements while the other readied javelin throws against the intruders. Most of the party was finishing off the wolves while someone retreated into the cavern and promptly got hit with a javelin, dropping them. One hit is often enough to drop a character and two hits will for sure. As people came to help the downed party member, they also got speared with javelins. They eventually killed the wolves, but when reinforcements showed up on the bridge (only a few), they were already in bad shape. They ran forward to engage the enemies on the bridge and the goblins in the pool room released the flood, taking about a third of the party out of the cave. The rest were brought down by goblins. They woke up as prisoners of the goblins.

    TPK #2 (or nearly):
    As prisoners, they negotiated with goblins to overthrow the bugbear chief and his loyal followers. The halfling rogue attempted to sneak up to the campfire (seriously) where they all watched him walk up clearly with their darkvision. The bugbear and ripper attacked and clobbered the party. I can't actually recall if this ended in a TPK or if they barely scraped by with just 1 person left. It was ugly though.

    On the plus side, getting the extra HP from level 2 makes everyone extremely more survivable.

    There are a few other encounters in the book that can still be deadly at high levels in this adventure. I don't want to spoil it for any of your players, but you might want to query for which areas so you are prepared as a GM and can properly foreshadow them so that players are prepared.
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    Mine was a cat - one of those big, white fluffy ones.

    I sat there with it on my lap, stroking it. After about 10 minutes everyone else just burst out laughing. I asked them why. They said because they all had the exact same thought: "Here was Dr. Dulux, evilly stroking his feline familial while plotting to take over the world!"
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    Dogs have a sense. I'll admit, if I have a service guy in my house that my dogs don't like, I hang around.
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    So for just those few inquiring minds who might want to know ... the players all wanted to make sure they got the wagonload age to it's destination. Through sleet and snow and the dangers of Red Brands.
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    Okay ... so I hit the floor and I had one more to add to the consequences. Don't you love how the mind is always working on things in the background? So another "Damned if you do ..." moment is: If they choose to continue on, they will find out that if they had gone immediately to the rescue ... Gundren would of still been there and not transferred to Cragmaw Keep. Alternative facts ... Alternative facts, Folks.
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    Thanks! The one trap with the open pit with the two "T"s is meant to be a set of pendulum hammers that as you do the easy 5' jump, the tripped hammers knock you into the pit.
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    That looks like a very intimidating dungeon! Hope your players had a long rest before approaching all those traps and that scary shrine!
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    Nice Thanks for the write-up.

    So glad to hear things went better this time around. It's got to be great to hear when a player wants more! Means you are doing a good job!
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    Sorry to hear you didn't have as much success as you hoped for, but glad you did have some.

    As you found out, character generation is best done (the first time at least) one-on-one.

    As for multiple users on the same wireless node. I do this, but it is best if they connect at slightly different times. i.e. have the second player wait to join until the first one finishes connecting. Also, make sure your maps and images are too large, either in file size or pixel size.

    Looking forward to hearing how your next session goes
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