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  6. Kelrugem's Avatar
    I am sorry to hear that; I hope your condition will improve and that you can run games again
  7. Dethmo's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear that, but it's nice to know you're on the mend. I hope you continue to improve and make the best of your retirement.
  8. StefanL's Avatar
    Dude, you've probably worked 40 years. Your work experience is longer than 99.99% of the human LIFESPANS ever experienced!

    A stroke may be like a slow down message but spend the remainder of your life enjoying friends, family, fun, frolic'g... Hang in there, man!

    You deserve it!
  9. Beemanpat's Avatar
    Glad your doing good. Hope you get to gaming again soon.
  10. dmkevin's Avatar
    Hi mhorgunn,

    Like you, I have also very recently retired far sooner than expected and I will be looking forward to both dm'ing and playing on Fantasy Grounds for as many years as possible with players and dungeon masters both young and old!

  11. Rachael Kunkel's Avatar
    This is a really cool idea, and a clever way to take advantage of LOS. I'm really looking forward to trying something similar in my campaign. Thanks!
  12. mhorgunn's Avatar
    And THANK YOU!!! Trenloe.
  13. mhorgunn's Avatar
    I sit corrected, Dulux-Oz. Still I thank you for all you do.
    Updated April 9th, 2018 at 15:22 by mhorgunn
  14. dulux-oz's Avatar
    While I appreciate the kind words and the thoughts behind them, the MOTD Extension is not one of mine - its one of Trenloe's.

    And everything that mhorgunn said about me goes double or even triple for Trenloe.

    (And its Dulux-Oz, not Delux-Oz )
    Updated April 8th, 2018 at 17:59 by dulux-oz
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    Ahmen! *sings the choir*

    I think that video does a good job laying out the costs. But agree that he misses a few things on cost and a lot of other things in a comparison.

    The savvy consumer knows that nothing is free. Unfortunately our school system does not do a good job educating the populace on that. And people see "free" and think it really is. But, we all know its not. And in those few cases when it really is free to the consumer (i.e. you're not giving up personal information etc), it's not sustainable as a business model. The developers and providers deserve to get paid, and someone has to pay them.
  16. mhorgunn's Avatar
  17. JohnD's Avatar
    I'd rather be gaming than fiddling trying to get something to work. FG all the way.
  18. dulux-oz's Avatar
    More importantly, where did it come from (ie where can I get one?)
  19. mhorgunn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails
    Just in case you hadn't noticed, this is what helps to make a good DM:
    - out of character communication, and
    - the willingness to adapt your storyline/vision to the players.

    Keep up the good work
    Oh I totally agree. Two sessions ago, I had planned an encounter with up to 3 waves of Cocatrice. I ask what level they felt like that night and they replied medium. Yep waves and two petrified characters later they all agreed they had gotten exactly what they had asked for. And left the table happy.

    What gob smacked me was I had been doing touching base all along. Jim I knew wasn't happy. He's a good player but has to be reminded to let others shine. I had two other players in mind which this one. He wasn't happy that he had to wait for the spotlight.

    Twenty minutes before the meltdown, I had just touched base with all the players and they seemed onboard. Even Jim seemed to finally be coming around. Then BAM!!!! Hit the wall and had to do some reavaluating fast. I asked the players questions on what was bothering them and their input on what would make it fun again. As you pointed out those two axioms are golden. But a good DM also has to know that when you are playing sometimes things can change on a dime and at best you have to back up a bit and pick up the pieces.
  20. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Just in case you hadn't noticed, this is what helps to make a good DM:
    - out of character communication, and
    - the willingness to adapt your storyline/vision to the players.

    Keep up the good work
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