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  1. Gems! by Agmar


    First Impressions: 3 Stars, 29/50 Points
    This is a fun little module that shows the potential towards becoming the ultimate gem tool for DMís; but, itís only about two-thirds of the way there right now. It has a large list of various gems with multiple size categories and some random gem and parcel generators. But, the documentation is basic, the generators are of limited use, and some really useful generators are absent. Itís a good ...
    GM Tools , Review
  2. DOE: Alignment Graph by dulux-oz


    Attachment 17800

    First Impressions: 4 Stars, 42/50 Points
    This is one of those extensions that at first seems to be designed for a pretty niche group of GMís, but as I explored it more, I began to wonder, ďHmm, I wonder if this would fit in one of my campaigns...Ē Do you need this? Nope. Is it useful? Yes it is, enough so itís worth taking a look at even if you donít ...

    Updated February 7th, 2017 at 18:42 by LordEntrails

    Review , Extensions , GM Tools
  3. Magic Shop & Random Item Rarity Tables by Rob Twohy


    First Impressions: 4 Stars, 40/50 Points
    I really like what Rob has done with these tables. He has sliced and diced the magic item tables from the DMG (and the SRD) all sorts of ways to make it easy for a DM to find or randomly generate magic items. There are a few minor flaws here and there, but nothing that hinders the useful of this module. The key to using this module is to read the Instructions ...
    Review , GM Tools
  4. Random Monster Tables by Rob Twohy

    Random Monster Tables by Rob Twohy

    First Impressions: 4 Stars, 39/50 Points
    A set of high quality random monster tables that depending upon your approach may not initially be intuitive, but is easy to use once you do.
    Note, this module works with the SRD Bestiary, MM, Voloís, and Tomb of Beasts. Since I do not own Tomb of Beasts, this review excludes any considerations for functionality related to that reference. ...

    Updated January 4th, 2017 at 05:02 by LordEntrails

    Review , GM Tools
  5. Free Virtual Map Collection by Assassin Games

    Free Virtual Map Collection by Assassin Games

    First Impressions: 2 Stars, 25/50 Points

    Well, who can complain about free maps? I guess I can. Though I like these maps and have no problem using them in my games, they could be so much better. They are all certainly usable, but none of them are artistically inspired, nor have they actually been ...

    Updated January 4th, 2017 at 05:02 by LordEntrails

    Review , GM Tools
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