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  1. Lua is not my friend

    Hey all...

    Another installment from the Mortar Pit.

    I am going into depths I have rarely gone before. I am delving into the world of lua. That crazy little programming language that makes rulesets and extensions work, and it wasn't long before I realized I suck at it

    About a week ago I got asked in discord to help put together a language and font extension for a 5E campaign. Something I hadn't done before, but I'm all over it like flies on...well...you ...
  2. A Few Not So Random Thoughts

    I am still quite angry with the treatment of veteran's issues by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), and by extension the government, as I ranted about in my last post.

    Even worse because of stuff like this CRAP posted by CTV News.

    A few years ago, VAC couldn't cover service dogs for veterans because there was no national standard in place. Okay, so a group of stakeholders, including veterans who had been given service dogs through private charities, service animal providers, ...
  3. My Conversion List

    Current as of: 21 May 2020

    Castles & Crusades

    Player's Guide to the Haunted Highlands
    Expanded Classes
    C&C Theme Extension: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums...174#post387174
    Castle Keepers Guide

    As of 22 April 2019 I look after:

    Black Libram of Natarus

    Updated May 21st, 2020 at 22:12 by Mortar

  4. Conan 2d20 Impressions

    Who doesn't like Conan, and who wouldn't want a chance to adventure rich world of Robert E Howard? When Shotgun Jolly first pointed me in the direction of Modiphius' 2d20 Conan system in its Kickstarter stage I was initially intrigued.

    After downloading the quick start rules a read, I became really hesitant about looking deeper at what Modiphius was doing with the setting and rules. To be honest I have never played or looked at any of the newer d(x) systems, fate, gumshoe, or anything ...
  5. Long overdue news about a few projects

    I am definitely still in the fight, but the health took a major beating over the last couple of months and I most definitely took a few steps backwards. Enough about that or I'll end up in some rant about something totally off topic.

    Now that SmiteWorks has released 3.2.0 (yeah, I know 3.2.1 is out now), I had to do a bit of rework on Weird Wars and the other projects I had in the queue or simmering. Here is a quick update on all of them.

    Weird Wars Rome - the ...
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