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  1. GunbunnyFuFu's Avatar
    Excellent! I would have never thought to use the Actions tab to track whether a user drinks water/eats food. If there were were a way to increment count (such as with arrows when firing) that'd be great, but this is still a fantastic idea. I'm yoinking this one!

  2. MarianDz's Avatar
    Great extension "[B][I]Dulux-oz[/I][/B]" THANKs for it!
    Finally we have solution for backing up color scheme, for both sides GMs and players too :)

    [I][COLOR="#FF0000"][URL=""][B]BECAUSE[/B][/URL] [B]this my tutorial covers GM's side of dice color profile ONLY and players dice color during game session is stored inside
    encrypted file on which we as users can't have reach.[/B][/COLOR][/I]
  3. dulux-oz's Avatar
    ORRRRR... you could load up the DOE: Base Extension, open the Colour Gizmo (sometimes called the Colour-Picker) and read off the Die colour from the Entry Box provided.

    You can also enter in the Die colour to the same entry box to change it.

    Of course, this only works for the CoreRPG and the Child-Rulesets of the CoreRPG, but even if you've set your Die Colour (as the GM) in another Ruleset you should still be able to see it when you load the CoreRPG and the DOE: Base.
    Updated March 13th, 2017 at 04:45 by dulux-oz
  4. GarthGiantbane's Avatar
    These are great - thanks! Pictures are with 1000's of words
  5. MarianDz's Avatar
    Thank you "[B][I]SirGraystone[/I][/B]", this is new to me :)
    I will add it but must test first. Wow it can be multi worded too! When place the mood text within parentheses to set a multi-word mood. :ninja: GREAT
  6. SirGraystone's Avatar
    Great work, another command i like in chat is the /mood command if your character name is Harry


    /mood whispers The goblins are coming

    Will display

    Harry (whispers) The goblins are coming
  7. MarianDz's Avatar
    I recommend you right click on pictures and [B]save target as[/B] ... picture (download to your computer/NTB) because are big for LCD, PDA, mobile screens.
    And reading them is harder :(

    [B][U]Hint[/U][/B]: you can zoom in when you open picture on PC/Notebooks/Android devices, then again clicks on picture. It opens for you picture inside web page and now you can zoom in/out by your prefered size for better reading. :)
    Go back from view mode through Backspace key, or back arrow upper left side of your web browser beside web url adresses.

    1.) Click on first picture
    2.) Click again on the picture which appears on your screen
    3.) Now it oppened you picture in web browser only [I](without java scripts which reduce size of picture)[/I]
    4.) Click again on picture IN Firefox only one time needed, but IE needs clicks TWO times because only second one zoomed in on 100% size of file [I](small magnify glass appears)[/I].
    5.) hope now you can see it at 1:1 and can read it without problems.
    Updated November 13th, 2016 at 16:18 by MarianDz
  8. MarianDz's Avatar
    Thank you Minty,
    hear this encouraging words from you is honor for me. Hope I'll be useful member for this nice FG project and his community.
  9. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    Great jump into the world of blogging Marian. Thanks for your expression of appreciation. You touch upon a couple of salient points, at least in my view of things. One, blogging takes time, one of my earlier posts took me two 8 hour days to put together. Because I know how time intensive blogging can be, I have read every blog posted here on FG's site. Even those that might not initially pique my interest. There is almost always at least one gem of wisdom. And two, a blog can present information in a coherent and concise manner. I'm sure a lot of the information I touch on in my blogs could just as easily be imparted through forum thread discussions, and much may already be in the forums. However, threads tend to meander on and off topic and include comedic and witty posts and even worse arguing over opinion.

    Again thanks for weighing in and welcome to FG and the FG blogs.

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