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  1. LindseyFan's Avatar
    And of course there is the one hidden line... Can talk openly about competitors without getting banned. FG: Yes Roll 20: No.

    I do love the chart. It will be quite useful in spreading the word.
  2. LindseyFan's Avatar
    I love reading well written narrations of what happened to a group!
  3. Nebs's Avatar
    This is a great chart. I'm a huge fan of Fantasy Grounds, and love all of it's features. A chart like this is a great way for developers to have a look and see what maybe they should look at implementing and improving the product, not to mention helping consumers decide!
    In the spirit of fairness, it is worth mentioning Roll20's tablet support. Some of my (more vocal) players want me to migrate to Roll20 for that reason alone, really. They really aren't prominent PC users, and that's what works for them, and so it's a huge draw. I'll be using this chart to tell them, this is why we use Fantasy Grounds, but I'd like to concede that one point, because it is a very nice feature.
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  5. Mortar's Avatar
    Cool chart. The info on Roll20 for "Advertisements" doesn't line up properly though.
    Updated August 2nd, 2016 at 12:00 by Mortar
  6. dulux-oz's Avatar
    Just took a look - nice work Doug.

    A small niggle - on the "Can Host Game Offline (LAN Game)" Entry it says "Yes" for the FG Full Version and "Yes - but can't host free users". On first glance this seems to indicate (to me, at least) that the Full version is "better" than the Ultimate version. Shouldn't the same "Yes - but can't host free users" be used for both - I know the Full-Free issue is covered a few lines later, but still...?

  7. ddavison's Avatar
    The recorded video has been uploaded to YouTube and is now available here.
  8. Szabtom's Avatar
    Please upload to Youtube for us poor folks in far away timezones .
  9. MythicMasterMike's Avatar
    This will be fun! Can't wait to watch.
  10. Szabtom's Avatar
    Cool, I will definitely follow!
  11. rob2e's Avatar
    Super cool!
  12. Nylanfs's Avatar
  13. midas's Avatar
    I agree about dice and how great they are to roll. I sometimes find myself sitting at my desktop and watching TV on one monitor and I'll load up FG in the other one and just toss dice around. Players apparently do this a lot as well as I'll see them accidentally dropping them into the chat window instead of the desktop, heh.
  14. Talley Darkstar's Avatar
    Stop, I don't need any more dice. lol I can't wait for FG's expanded dice! Keep up the great work!
  15. jajen2003's Avatar
    Still with you Doug. FG is the BEST way to play D&D.

  16. midas's Avatar
    Thanks for all the info, Doug. It's really helpful and answers a lot of questions folks are having.
  17. ddavison's Avatar
    I ran the combat the way I normally run my own encounters. The nice thing is that there are normally multiple ways of doing the same thing. The NPCs I chose for this encounter were fairly basic. An NPC wizard or dragon would have allowed me to showcase some of the alternate ways to target.
  18. Blackfoot's Avatar
    This, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be taking advantage of the targeting system for the GM.
    Updated April 30th, 2014 at 02:01 by Blackfoot
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