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  1. Sunday D&D Adventurers League Game Streaming on Twitch with the Fantasy Grounds crew

    We are proud to announce that SmiteWorks USA LLC has contracted with David Middleton from Table_Topping to begin streaming weekly games of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League games being played on Fantasy Grounds. The players will be comprised of SmiteWorks personnel and they will be joined by Chris Lindsay from Wizards of the Coast, Rachel Ventura from Legendary Games and Robert ...
  2. Something a bit different - A discussion about Real Dice

    If you are like any of the gamers that I know, you have buckets and buckets of dice. I received an email from the folks at Easy Roller Dice asking if I would mind reviewing their dice and of course, I said "no problem. I love dice."

    They have a fairly good selection of dice colors and materials, but the ones that jumped out to me were the glow in the dark dice set. That was a set that I didn't have yet. In addition, they sent me a dice cup to use when rolling them. I have ...
  3. New Call of Cthulhu Adventures Await

    Immerse yourself in the world of H.P. Lovecraft with the new release, The House of R'lyeh. Five new adventures are included for your group of intrepid adventures. Pursue leads to secret places and hidden cults. Don't go mad.

    The Art of Madness
    A strange grave robbery and the disappearances of three artists draw the Investigators to a bizarre school in subterranean ...
  4. Venture into Icewind Dale during the time of the Sundering!

    D&D and Forgotten Realms fans are familiar with The Ten Towns region made famous by author R. A. Salvatore and featured in games such as D&D Icewind Dale - The Enhanced Edition by Beamdog.

    Dungeon Masters can now bring their players to this region during the pivotal moments surrounding the period of time known as the Sundering. It sets the groundwork ...
  5. Wizards of the Coast announces the OGL and what it means for Fantasy Grounds

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016 was an important day in the tabletop RPG gaming world. On this day, Wizards of the Coast announces the long-anticipated Open Gaming License and System Reference Document 5.0 for use with D&D fifth edition. While they had previously released the D&D Basic Rules for players and DMs, this was an even broader release of rules that should allow more people to try out the game or even play it indefinitely. As the only licensee for D&D fifth edition digital tools, ...
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