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  1. ddavison's Avatar
    We have 92 applicants so far for this position. So far, the majority of them seem solid and I'm down to around 20 that look especially strong. Unfortunately, I have to weed these down even further.

    You wonderful people are amazing.
  2. lessiehanamoray's Avatar
    Hope I'm not too late. My application is in. Fingers crossed.
  3. bsmith1970's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nickworse
    Literally willing to leave my current job to do this haha
    Best of luck to all candidates <3
    Thanks! I agree with you 100%. I definitely look forward to the opportunity.

    Brian Smith
  4. MadBeardMan's Avatar
    Very nice, shame I'm not US based, though not done network layers and protocols for a few years since I stopped working in .Net.
  5. Nickworse's Avatar
    Literally willing to leave my current job to do this haha
    Best of luck to all candidates <3
  6. Nikmal's Avatar
    I wish that I had the time to do this
  7. ddavison's Avatar
    To apply, email your resume to [email protected]
  8. iDeeSalazar's Avatar
    How do I proceed on this?
  9. ThingsCouldGetDicey's Avatar
    id love to do this
  10. ddavison's Avatar
    I found the issue. It was indeed about 1/3rd of normal.
  11. flukasieviez's Avatar
    Thanks for your quick reply. It seems that values in this chart are about a third of the ones posted in enworld. So, maybe 150k 5e games in March alone! Relative growth of less popular systems was also very good.
  12. ddavison's Avatar
    Yes, the stats above seem to be under-reporting the actual numbers by a significant percentage. The under-reporting applies globally across all rulesets and over the duration of these charts. This means that trends are accurately reflected but total game counts are off.
  13. flukasieviez's Avatar
    I have a doubt. I don't understand how these stats compare to the ones shown here: https://www.enworld.org/threads/fant...r-down.666335/
    For example, for 2019-03, the chart posted here shows 21,362 games, while in enworld, it shows 63,297 games.
    I get that maybe only the trends are important (how the whatever metrics is chosen changes through time). However, I'm still interested in knowing how to compare charts from different years, and I'm not sure that the metrics used are always the same.
  14. ddavison's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone who submitted applications. We have completed our interview process and we will be announcing our hire in the near future.
  15. Dr0W's Avatar
    Ok, nvm, figured out they are FGC too, but can't edit or delete comment.
  16. Dr0W's Avatar
    I'd love to see some FGC statistics as well
  17. GregRex's Avatar
    Are you able to track sessions on FGC as well or only Unity due to cloud hosting?
  18. LordNanoc's Avatar
    Thx, Doug!

    As a Traveller fan it stings a bit, that it doesn't rate better, but then again, it's all about the fun playing it ��

    Have fun, stay healthy, game on!
  19. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Thanks Doug! You know some of us eat this up. Amazing to see the growth!
  20. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LFlo
    Nice chart and data. i'm a new guy in fantasy grounds any advice?
    Checkout the user forums; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/forum.php
    Also FG College, You Tube, and Discord.
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