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  1. TimSmyth's Avatar
    Oh, that's cool! SmiteWorks just does such big things, it's easy to forget that you guys are a small organization. I was just worried I missed it!

    Whoever you hire for Ruleset, please get someone who will make us a Shadow of the Demon Lord and Blades in the Dark official ruleset so I can put that money in your pocket!
  2. ddavison's Avatar
    Thanks for the interest. We are conducting interviews this week and next week. Our focus has moved over mostly to the Ruleset Developer for our first hire.
  3. TimSmyth's Avatar
    Has there been any news on this front? I remember seeing that y'all had hoped to get through the resumes by the end of July, so I'm dying to hear more about it! Thanks!

    - Tim
  4. Allyx's Avatar
    I would love to be the module conversion specialist, I've done a few one shots and Pathfinder Society Scenarios so far, but there are many many more to do, but being a UK resident I guess I'm out of luck.
  5. sujifae's Avatar
    Oh, nice! I would love to be the Module Conversion Specialist! I'm applying right now.
  6. EbbCubed's Avatar
    If only I could do this remotely... I'd love to apply for the Module Conversion. Oh well, I'm sure you'll find someone more qualified than I am for the role.
  7. jmucchiello's Avatar
    Where was this when I was looking for a job??
  8. ddavison's Avatar
    This is a group account through gmail and they have some heavy handed spam detection that occasionally flags legitimate email. You can email it me directly at [email protected].
  9. wrongholt's Avatar
    Can't send email to the [email protected] says it blocking because of spam.
  10. jwatmough's Avatar
    Thank you so much! I am so very excited to be working with such a great team.
  11. Doswelk's Avatar
    When you can hire people outside USA let me know
  12. FG_Dave's Avatar
    Welcome to the team Joshua!
  13. jonrandahl's Avatar
    Morning all, long time lurker, new poster here!

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the project for such an amazing product!

    Out of curiosity is there a specific location that developers outside of the US can contribute ideas, comments, and or moments of inspiration moving forward?

    Cheers for everything nonetheless, look forward to hearing back! ����������
  14. GavinRuneblade's Avatar
    I am thrilled. My wallet is curled up in the corner weeping.
  15. osarusan's Avatar
    Awesome! So I'm guessing having a full time artist means that there will be a lot more art included with the base program? That will make it a lot more competitive, and help establish a default "look" for FG. This is great news!
  16. backwardoracle's Avatar
    Colin, if you move to Donald's part of Scotland, it might be considered US territory, so technically, fulfilling US tax laws
  17. DrakePD's Avatar
    I really like Joshua's art, so this is a great thing!

  18. MadBeardMan's Avatar
    Ah I do at work, cos the tea is awful.

    Working on Traveller tonight, just getting my youngests Birthday dinner out of the way.

    Would love to do rulesets full time, they're ace stuff.
  19. ddavison's Avatar
    You might want to start drinking coffee.
  20. MadBeardMan's Avatar
    Time to move to the US me thinks, though not sure the rest of the family would want me to!

    GL filling these.
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