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  1. Varsuuk's Avatar
    Your 1e's look different except for the middle "brown era" bindings.

    I bought the PHB when I first stumbled across ir in The Compleat Strategist. I had no idea at first what this thing was though... didn't SEEM to be the full game. I think it was in '79 that I joined my first game in an illegally squatted in after school game in my Freshman year with a bunch of Juniors.
    After the summer I didn't play (other than in sporatic one offs) until 81 when it was nonstop until 1994 then again 96-2000ish.

    I have nearly all the 1e stuff and 2e stuff but have no shelf space... hell I had to swap my den with 14' L table/computer-center for my boys old nursery... I had to pack away some of my PCs and modular desk parts I has a sad
  2. Niles's Avatar
    Zeus, the blue boxes, 4th and 5th from the left in your picture, that's what I started out on too! The dungeon was Quasqueton, if I remember right. I'm an older gamer too, but absolutely can't quit the game. The reason I love 5e is because it really gets back to basics with the mechanics and the emphasis on storytelling. Which is what D&D is all about. DM's have a story to tell. They're the director and the players are the actors or at least I think in those terms. No modern MMO will ever touch old school, roll the dice, roleplaying D&D.
  3. dj-wedge's Avatar
    Moar! I consider my collection to be vast, but I certainly do not have several of these things. I'd love to see more!
  4. ddavison's Avatar
    Glad to see you back (or soon to be back.) You always come up with fascinating stuff.
  5. Willot's Avatar
    Nice to hear from you Dr Z
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