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  1. atqwaa's Avatar
    Something very, very cool
    Press here
  2. Nylanfs's Avatar
    Depends on the system, If it's Pathfinder or 35e the construct racial abilities are it's mindless. and immune to quite a lot of spells.
  3. Skillkoil's Avatar
    Very cool NPC and really good feedback Gavin. I think I may have an idea for this guy in one of my campaigns.
  4. GavinRuneblade's Avatar
    Some thoughts:
    With a Wis of 6 it is very vulnerable to spells like Hold, Enthrall, polymorph, etc. You might want to add immunity to sleep, charm, frightened, and incapacitated so that a wizard or bard doesn't spoil the encounter. Unless you want that vulnerability in there for smart spell casters.

    Similarly, with a 20' move there is a chance that enemies, especially rogues and polearm fighters, will attack it and move out of its reach. Unless you want this vulnerability for smart warriors to take advantage of, consider giving it either 30' move or 10' reach.

    Counters for the vengeance attacks will be complicated, the DM will very likely lose track of them. I know I would lose track. What if the power said "When the Vengeant Knight receives fire damage it may use its reaction to attack once, and if this attack hits it is automatically a critical hit". This is much less hassle but still quite dangerous. And, because it is a reaction it can really shut down a careless party. Or, "after the Vengeant Knight receives fire damage it becomes enraged until the end of its next turn. While enraged all of the Vengeant Knight's attacks that hit are critical hits". Since I think you wanted 3 counters because it gets 3 attacks this preserves that potential for 3 crits in one round. However, this wording is much more dangerous because it is always 3 crits, whereas your original wording is up to 3 crits.

    I'm not sure if Fantasy Grounds can resolve triple damage from fire. So your DM may have to add the extra damage manually. Which may slow down combat and can lead to mistakes. Possibly consider adding a second vulnerability or lose resistance to non-magical weapons for 1 round after being attacked by fire instead of the triple damage. There is a button on effects in the combat tracker a DM can push to turn off a power for 1 round so that would be easy.

    Burning Vengeance causes a lot of saves and could lead to confusion. What about if it says "any creature starting its turn within 15 feet of the Vengeant Knight must make a DC 15 Wis save or be compelled to attack the Vengeant Knight, moving into melee to strike if the creature does not have a ranged attack." Because this happens at the start of turn, and not when they attack someone else, it can help counteract the 20' move speed.

    The Usage Notes suggest that the Vengeant Knight's axes are magical. You might want to specify in Axes that "the Vengeant Knight's axes count as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistance to damage". That is the standard wording from the monster manual.
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