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March 9th, 2009, 07:49
So my DM in a face to face game just sent me to hell. He decided that if we manage to get out we can draw up our own loot tables. (It's an overpowered campaign so get a little crazy but not too much.)

So far this is what I've come up with:

Johnny's Golden Guitar:
- +10 perform
- +4 will save against demons
- 3/day opponent has to reroll save against mind affecting spell

Intelligent Item (Not sure of its INT lvl yet):
Johnny's Golden Guitar was originally a neutral evil instrument that used it's powers to trick mortals into dealing with demons, however after having been lost in a bet to a human bard named Johnny, J.G.G. was thrust into a new life of adventure with the neutral good bard. Since then the instrument has mended its previously evil ways, this now neutral good guitar instead redirects its efforts into helping mortals overcome demons in any way possible. Though it has few spells, it uses them liberally as it trusts it's owner will wrap up any combat quickly.

Powers: - Suggestion 3/day (8th lvl bard)
- Uncontrollable Dancing 1/day (8th lvl bard)

Notes: Item cannot be lost or stolen, however ownership can change though a lost contest involving a perform check, or by simply killing the owner. If user is not of good alignment the item simply refuses to play, resulting in instant perform check failure.

Gamblers Glasses:
- +5 bluff check
- +5 sense motive check
- +5 spot check

Loaded Dice:
- Grants user 1 reroll per day on any roll.
- Loaded Dice cannot be detected through magical or mundane means.

Lucky Pants:
- Grants user access to cleric luck domain of the users caster level.

Napoleons Boots:
- Grants user access to the "Run" feat.
- +5 on bluff checks
- +5 on perform checks

If anyone has any new ideas for Bard items, go ahead and post them up. I've got to resume my campaign 48 hours from now, so time is short. My bard is mainly the party's buff bot, since there are 8 of us playing, I'm simply there to make things go quicker, so any really creative ideas that aren't weapons would be welcome!!

Lvl 8 Bard "Rex".

March 9th, 2009, 23:50
I love the reference to Charlie Daniels.

I think in all fairness if the item is won fairly, the owner should be able to force his will and some of his alignment on the Guitar... which really should be a violin. So if you were to lose it to a demon or devil the item would slowly be converted back to a weapon for evil.

I think that a host of demons would be searching for this artifact making for a lot of great encounters where demons would first challenge you.. then attack you if they lose.

Gamblers Glasses should compel the wearer to make at least one risky gamble daily.

Just my thoughts. Had to post after reading your item description.

March 10th, 2009, 00:53
If you're going with the rock-n-roll bard theme, shouldn't the boots be blue suede? ;) Once per day, blue suede shoes can make any foot stomp or trample attack automatically miss! :D


March 10th, 2009, 02:41
If the guitar was a fiddle it would be too obvious of a reference, although every gets it, it's not like it would be THE instrument from the song, just a very obvious reference that it more than likely is said alleged instrument.

fAnd also it's a guitar because my DM is a whore for a good guitar player, and before my bard played a bass and got bashed on all the time for it, switched to drums and was still bashed, so now it's a guitar to stay on the safe side.

And if the item switched alignments it could potentially turn into a cursed item, an attribute I don't want my DM to take advantage of.

March 10th, 2009, 14:31
Some ideas given to me by my TFOS players :)

Chip of Alchies Amulet - This amulet, once belonging to the god of Wine, was shattered into a dozen pieces centuries ago. Each of these pieces have retained their magical abilities and grant the bearer a +4 vs Mind Effects and Poisons.

Bettif-ords Wand - This wand removes all afflictions and poisons at the cost of 2 charges per use.

Cursed Bard Item: Tabloid Stone: This stone appears to be a light generating Ioun Stone (that floats around ones head). The stone will give a soft, white light 15 ft in radius. However, the stone will also constantly transmit images of the party to all crystal balls within a 50 mile radius.

(Not an item you could carry around but suggested to me...)
Rock Bard - A popular game with the youths. Insert a copper piece and a mechanical harpsichord starts playing. The player has to push four colored, magical stones that generate sounds, in synch with the harpsichord music to score points.