View Full Version : FGII Castles & Crusades: Call for Players

March 9th, 2009, 01:51
When: Sunday 7:30 pm EST
Castles & Crusades: level 1 players (currently 2+1 NPC)

not newbies, but we have no problem with them.

Campaign Setting: Join Grimm, the nefarious gnome thief, Peleg, the intrepid Elven knight, Keirnan, the humble healer, as they battle the forces of evil....or just try not to get too drunk and stab one another.

Old skool old dudes who remember boxed sets and red booklets, running C&C because it's the closest thing to ADnD and we like our gaming with more brain and less #'s...Role-playing is key.

We play every other week steady, some fill-in weekends.

Looking for like-minded folks of ANY age which allows for drinking in their state of residence.

Interested? post or PM me...

roll for Inspiration!