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March 8th, 2009, 05:04
it seems there may be a glitch in the system here...

i have ae loaded up in fg2 as a gm (yes, full license and all that).

in host mode, i created a test pc. in the spells tab, there is nothing that i can do when i right-click except to close the pc statset, i.e. there is no option to add spells. when i click on the mini box, the little mini window appears and it's blank (of course, because there are no spells to display).

does this sound familiar to someone? what am i missing? are there module/ruleset conflicts i'm not aware of?

(i have maiden game to gm tomorrow and just discovered this issue tonight [sigh]. i don't think i'll get any replies by then....) thx in advance.

March 8th, 2009, 10:56

I think that you first need to enable magic on the character class. To do that, open the character sheet on the main tab, right-click on the class name (eg. Magister), select FX from the context menu, and then select Magic.

Switch to the spells tab and you should see a row of boxes (numbered 0 to 10) which let you set how many spell slots of each level the character has. By putting a non-zero number in the box, a spell list appears for that spell level.

You can add spells to the list by right-clicking or dragging from Arcana Evolved Spells in the Library.

Hope that helps,


March 8th, 2009, 13:30
holy cow! how was i supposed to know that?! (lol)

i must have missed that part of the how-to somewhere... is it somewhere?

awesome. thx so much! i was thinking the ruleset was broken (whew!).