View Full Version : 3.5E packaging changes

January 2nd, 2009, 14:33
As you may be aware, Wizards of the Coast have plans to terminate the d20 license. As a summary for those who haven't looked into the official licensing side of things, that basically means that the d20 logo and license are no longer usable for marketing material for the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

We have taken down the d20 marketing references, and have also made the decision to stop supporting the d20 ruleset in its earlier form. The ruleset is still completely usable for anyone who still has it installed, but it won't be available through the updater any longer.

In its place, we've released a combination of the Fantasy Grounds Open Foundation Ruleset and an extension containing the 3.5E rules. The combination of these two packages amounts to a package functionally equivalent to the earlier d20 ruleset, so there should be no direct impact to users playing 3.5E using Fantasy Grounds. We recommend you start any new campaigns using the foundation ruleset and the 3.5E extension, as they will be the ones that get the support in the future.