View Full Version : Character concepts and events you've always wanted to try.

December 16th, 2008, 10:31
For those who've not had much of a varied experience in DMs and campaigns or spend most of their time as DMs with little PC experience to enjoy. What sort of character possibilities do you have locked up in your mind for characters. What sort of scenarios and combination's do you fiddle with for fun.

Mine, well, I've had no experience beyond DnD and prefer 3.5e but I find I imagine someday making an inventor type character, maybe an artificer and inventing something big...like the steam engine....this would be of course blended stuff since Eberonn already has trains.

I've imagined someday creating a rather oracle esc wizard character, divination specialization with probably a prestige to fit....not to mention a skill here or there that fits. I've read about this nice profession: Astrology, from one of the issues of dragon magazine. Cheesy I know, but it sounds like it would be fun.

I digress though, what sort of characters have you the players of the world had up in your mind for ages?

December 16th, 2008, 11:27
Being the primary GM around here I have quite a few charconcept that I have wanted to use but never really got to do.

Crazy inventor in the Phil Foglio style. (Check girl genius for references) Meek and calm... and then he gets to WORK and things just spin out of hand, he becomes loud abrasive and bossy. (I suppose this'd work well for a Verditius or Bonisagus in Ars Magica but would be OH-so-COOL in a steampunk setting)

Another magus concept... the blind but immesely destructive mage. "POINT ME AT THE ENEMY!!!!!!"

For a more modern setting, the fat corrupt cop is ALWAYS a fun one. Add in serious doubts about his wife... and a compulsion to protect his wife even if it means beating the shite out of her to keep her complying with his wishes... and you have a VERY creepy character with a lot of drama potential.

For a fallout style game... A character obsessed with the past greatness and technology. Maybe even a Church of Atom worshipper. "BASK in the GLOW of Atom!"

Or a gang-member... a kid among other kids on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Building up his own gang so they can survive and prosper by ANY means available. Maybe having a slight advantage of being a bit educated ... just to have an edge to survive by.

The aging composer who made a deal with the devil... for the SKILL needed to create his great work of music and somehow working almost magic into it ... to make anyone who hears it immensely peaceful and transfixed by the music. Now DESPERATELY searching for someone skilled enough to play it. ((And of course fooled by the Devil... the music WILL create peace. But by creating such fascination in anyone that they will just stand and listen and/or keep playing until they starve to death. ))