View Full Version : Welcome the new Sages

December 1st, 2008, 09:07
I think no one here can deny that there are some members of this community who persistently make invaluable contributions to discussions. Some provide excellent technical advice or resources, some enlighten general discussions, and some are just always there for the one in trouble. Some excel in all of these. We wanted to thank these people and somehow publicly acknowledge their efforts, promoting them to Sages.

It was hard to decide whom to invite because of the abundance of great options. Hopefully no one feels disgrunled because of the current choices or, rather, lacks of choices. Welcome the new Sages and really, Thank you!

(Threads where a sage has posted are marked with the Fantasy Grounds icon and their posts are by default written in green colour. The Sages do not have any extra resposibilities, obligations, or inside information, but are, just as before, members of this community.)